How To Paint A Boat

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How To Paint A Boat
How To Paint A Boat

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White boat against the background of blue waves - this view is pleasing to the eye. Careful painting not only attracts attention, but also protects the case from the effects of water and air. So that the paint does not peel off and the vessel does not rust, surface preparation must be performed before painting.

How to paint a boat
How to paint a boat

It is necessary

  • - grinding equipment;
  • - abrasive materials;
  • - brushes;
  • - primer;
  • - putty;
  • - paint or enamel;
  • - varnish.


Step 1

Remove old paint and rust from the entire surface of the boat. Grinding methods depend on the body material. For steel surfaces, sandblasting is required. Rust is removed from the aluminum surface with coarse abrasive paper (No. 36-40). The roughness of the wood is sanded with abrasive paper (No. 36-40). It may happen that a defect is found under the removed layers - small pores, cracks, holes. To prevent boat leaks, dispose of them with putty materials.

Step 2

A waterproof finish is required for wood surfaces. Glue the epoxy-soaked fabric to the wood. After the glue has dried, smooth out the unevenness with a putty and let dry. Apply several coats of primer to the rough surfaces of the metal body after the putty. Dry each layer thoroughly. The primer removes irregularities, restores the strength of the hull. It improves both the adhesion of the paint layer to the surface of the vessel and its anti-corrosion protection.

Step 3

Select the type of paint depending on the material of the body. Use epoxy and polyurethane systems for painting aluminum enclosures. Pentaphthalic paint and enamel with a layer of protective varnish are used for various metal and wood surfaces. Paint the hull of the boat after thoroughly drying the protective layers. Start work from the underwater part of the vessel: the bottom and parts of the sides along the waterline. Then paint the topside - the deck. You can use a spray gun or a brush in the work. If using a brush, apply a thin layer of paint. Rub the paint evenly over the surface, moving from bow to stern. Wait until it is completely dry and re-paint the boat. It is advisable to varnish the surface of the vessel after the second drying.

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