How To Fill A Gas Cylinder

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How To Fill A Gas Cylinder
How To Fill A Gas Cylinder

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The most common household gas is propane, or a propane-butane mixture. Cylinders with it are necessary for summer residents and those who live in uncomfortable housing. You can fill up the gas yourself.

It is recommended to fill gas cylinders at specialized gas stations
It is recommended to fill gas cylinders at specialized gas stations

Manufacturers of composite gas cylinders recommend filling them at specialized points. Here it will not cause any difficulties, since all certified gas stations are equipped with the necessary equipment. But a private trader who uses domestic gas in cylinders does not always have the opportunity to take the container to a specialist.

Is self-filling a gas cylinder dangerous?

Self-refueling of gas cylinders is prohibited, but if necessary, you can break this rule. The main thing is to follow the recommended safety measures. The factors due to which the manufacturer of cylinders prohibits refueling by non-specialists are the flammability and explosiveness of the gas.

How to fill a gas cylinder?

Anyone who decides to take this step should know the design of the cylinder. Gas injection and flow rate is provided by a multivalve installed on the neck of a metal container. For refueling, you need to assemble a priming system consisting of two gas hoses, a gas ball valve, an adapter with seals, and a gas cylinder. It is important to qualitatively connect all structural elements. For this, couplings of suitable size are used. All equipment can be purchased on the market.

The gas cylinder must be installed with the valve down. To do this, you can build a structure from wooden blocks, or install it in a chair and securely fix it in an upright position. Those who have experience of self-filling a gas cylinder prefer to weld a metal "skirt" to it, which serves as a stable support when the container is turned over. Residual gas must be vented.

The adapter is screwed onto the cylinder thread. To supply gas, you must use a ball valve in the filling system, not a cylinder valve. A reducer is not required as it will slow down refueling. They trust the reliability of the filling system and open the gas supply.

The process of filling the balloon is slow: it will take from 5 to 15 minutes. During gas overflow, the transition system cools down a lot, so you need to check the fill level with gloves. It is unacceptable to use open fire near a working filling system. It is recommended that even sparks be eliminated. Fill the cylinder only outdoors.

A similar system can be used to refuel small tourist gas cylinders. You will need an adapter, a scale, an empty cylinder, a household gas cylinder. Weigh the empty container. The adapter is screwed onto the cylinders one by one, the valve is opened and the gas is filled.

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