How To Revive Mascara

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How To Revive Mascara
How To Revive Mascara

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In emergencies, when the old cosmetics have dried up, and they did not have time to buy new ones, you can reanimate the mascara. There are several ways to do this. And for this, the means that are always at hand are quite suitable.

How to revive mascara
How to revive mascara


Step 1

To apply dried mascara to eyelashes, dilute it to a mushy state. Do this with plain water. It is best to use boiled water to avoid contact with the eyes of not very useful tap. Take a few drops into a pipette and transfer them to a tube. Shake the mascara with a brush. If it is still dry, increase the amount of liquid. Remember that after this procedure, using eyelash dye, it will have to be thrown away. When interacting with water, the composition of the carcass changes and its further use can lead to the development of conjunctivitis.

Step 2

Take any drops to reduce redness and fatigue from the eyes. Open the tube of mascara and gently pour in a small amount of the medicine. Do this until the brush is immersed in eyelash dye and is damp.

Step 3

If you have a liquid eye makeup remover, use it. It perfectly reanimates mascara and will not bring discomfort to the eyes. Refrain from using cosmetics for oily skin, it will dry out the eyelash dye even more.

Step 4

A tonic for the face and neck is quite suitable for bringing mascara back to life. Try to choose a product that does not contain alcohol. Otherwise, the eyelashes will become brittle, and the mascara will dry out completely.

Step 5

Fill a glass of hot water and place a closed tube of mascara in it. Wait ten to fifteen minutes. Under the influence of high temperature, the dye for eyelashes will soften and become the desired, mushy, state.

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