What To Do If The Clock Is Up

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What To Do If The Clock Is Up
What To Do If The Clock Is Up

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It is impossible to imagine modern life without a clock. Therefore, when suddenly this useful accessory stops walking, many people are simply lost in time and cannot find their bearings.

What to do if the clock is up
What to do if the clock is up

Types of watches

Watches can be electronic, mechanical or quartz. Therefore, the first thing to do after it becomes clear that the watch is not running is to determine what type of movement it is. Few people can fix an electronic watch on their own without special skills. But quartz and mechanical are a little simpler. The most commonplace reason for stopping them may be the termination of the charge. For example, when stopping a quartz watch, you must first change the battery. Perhaps the reason lies in her. Try to bring the mechanical clock down. After all, it is worth forgetting to start them, they will stop very soon.

Mechanical watch breakage

If it was not possible to bring the clock down, and it did not work, then the reason for the stop lies in the occurrence of a malfunction. If dust, dirt or moisture enters the watch mechanism. They usually stop working. To restore functionality, they need to be cleaned. If it is impossible to do it yourself, contact the workshop.

There are times when water that gets inside does not stop the watch. However, they cause gradual rusting of the movement, and as a result the watch stops. If the watch is accidentally struck, for example by a fall, some part of the mechanism may be damaged or broken. This will cause the clock to stop. Another reason is the drying out of the lubricant inside the watch. On average, the grease needs to be checked and renewed every four years. To do this, you need to carefully disassemble the clockwork and check for the presence of oil. All considered faults can be quickly eliminated by a master in a special workshop. In the absence of skills, it is not recommended to independently engage in watch repairs. After all, all the internal parts are very small, and unknowingly, you can damage the mechanism even more.

Inadequate repairs, non-original spare parts or attempts to repair a breakdown on your own can also cause the watch to stop running.

How to prevent the clock from stopping

Try to wear your watch carefully to protect it from water and rain, even if it is waterproof. Do not wave the hand on which you are wearing the watch, so as not to accidentally bump it against a wall or other object and to prevent the accessory from falling. Wipe the watch with a soft cloth from dust and store in a drawer or box.

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