How To Reflect Subscriptions To Magazines

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How To Reflect Subscriptions To Magazines
How To Reflect Subscriptions To Magazines

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If your organization buys by subscription the printed publications necessary for the work of employees, then the costs in the amount of their cost must be reflected in the accounting, while observing some of the features.

How to reflect subscriptions to magazines
How to reflect subscriptions to magazines


Step 1

Make entries in the accounting records on the basis of the primary documents for the payment of the amount of the subscription agreement: - Debit of account 60.2 "Settlements with suppliers and contractors", from / account "Advances issued", credit of account 51 "Current account" - the full cost of the annual subscription has been paid for magazines; - debit of account 68 "Calculations of taxes and fees", from / account "Calculations of VAT", credit of account 76 "Settlements with various debtors and creditors", from / account "VAT from advances listed" - VAT included in advance …

Step 2

Wait until you receive all the copies of the journal for the year. After that, they need to be capitalized by making the following entries in accounting: - Debit of account 10 "Materials", s / account "Other materials", credit of account 60.1 "Settlements with suppliers and contractors" - the received journals were recorded; - debit of account 19 " VAT on purchased valuables ", credit of account 60.2, from / account" Advances issued "- the amount of value added tax on registered journals is taken into account; - debit of account 68" Calculations of taxes and fees ", from / account" Calculations of VAT ", credit invoice 19 - the amount of VAT presented for deduction.

Step 3

Set off the payment under the subscription agreement with the following transactions: - Debit account 60.1, from / account "Settlements with suppliers", account credit 60.2, from / account "Advances issued" - the advance payment transferred earlier under the subscription agreement was offset; - debit of account 76, from / account "VAT from advances listed", credit of account 68 "Calculations for taxes and fees", c / account "Calculations for VAT" - the amount of VAT was offset from payment under the agreement.

Step 4

Include the cost of the subscription after all copies of the journal are capitalized as other production and distribution costs. The transaction for this operation will be as follows: - Debit of account 26 "General expenses", credit of account 10, s / account "Other materials" - the cost of subscription to magazines is included in the company's expenses.

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