Where Is The Highest Point On The Map Of Russia

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Where Is The Highest Point On The Map Of Russia
Where Is The Highest Point On The Map Of Russia

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An ancient Greek legend says that the gods chained the ancient titan Prometheus to one of the rocks in the Caucasus mountains. The famous Argonauts went to the same region for the Golden Fleece. And it is here that the highest peak in Russia, Mount Elbrus, is located. It is so high that, according to biblical traditions, it remained the only non-flooded area of ​​land during the flood.

Where is the highest point on the map of Russia
Where is the highest point on the map of Russia

The highest point of Russia

Elbrus rises in the Caucasus, on the border dividing Kabardino-Balkaria and the Karachay-Cherkess Republic. Only the most daring and desperate travelers can reach the snow-capped peak, which is considered the highest both in Russia and throughout Europe. And this is no coincidence, because the height of Elbrus is 5642 meters.

Geologists have established that Elbrus was once an active volcano that went extinct several thousand years ago. When the activity of the volcano stopped, it was covered with glaciers.

The volcanic past of the mountain can be judged by the thermal mineral springs and the release of sulphate gases observed in the eastern part of Elbrus.

The first daredevils conquered the proud and seemingly impregnable peak back in 1829. But even in the 21st century, many dream of being on the top of Elbrus. Several routes have been laid along the slopes of the mountain. One of the Russian ski resorts is also located here, which is deservedly popular among fans of extreme recreation.

Elbrus is distinguished by the fact that it has two peaks, a million years ago, which were the craters of a volcano. The eastern cone is younger and lower than the western one, and the distance between the two mountain peaks is more than one and a half kilometers. The mountain is covered with an impressive snow cap formed by several glaciers. Those who travel in the vicinity of Elbrus often come across traces of its former volcanic activity.

Previous eruptions have resulted in basalt crystals, volcanic pumice and frozen lava tongues.

Pearl of the Caucasus

The views of Elbrus and the adjacent territories invariably catch the eyes of tourists, differing in great variety. With the ascent to the top, the valleys full of flowers give way to snow-white ice. Quite often here you can find original and beautiful caves that attract speleologists.

The highest mountain in Europe attracts many people who are fond of mountain sports - skiers, snowboarders and climbers. Among the conquerors of mountain heights, Elbrus is especially popular, since it is one of the first seven peaks attracting climbers from all over the world.

Elbrus is popular because of the developed mountain routes, the relative ease of ascent and the accessibility of this point on the continent. For many novice climbers, it is Elbrus that becomes their first conquered peak in their life.

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