How To Fold A Map

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How To Fold A Map
How To Fold A Map

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Large-scale topographic maps, on which all elements of the relief are plotted, are necessary not only for land surveyors, but also for many other people. If you go on a trip or fly over the territory, then such a map is vital for you. If you have such a card on paper, then in order for it to be convenient to use, it must be folded correctly.

How to fold a map
How to fold a map


Step 1

If your route is long enough, then it can be plotted on several large-scale topographic map sheets. In this case, it will be more convenient for you to pre-glue them so as not to look for the sheet you need, checking with the selected route. If there are many sheets, then draw up a diagram of their arrangement so as not to get confused when gluing.

Step 2

Lay out the sheets in the order they should be in accordance with the actual situation on the ground and cut the border decoration on one side of each sheet to length and width. For example, if the sheets need to be glued along the length, then on all but the last one, cut a strip of paper from the right side along the frame. This must be done carefully, so as not to cut off the necessary information on the map, cut strictly along the frame. Use scissors or a razor blade for this. Then glue the sheets together, precisely aligning all the contours shown on the adjacent sheets. Do the same, if necessary, in order to glue the card in width.

Step 3

If, when gluing, a sheet of a card turns out to be a little shorter, which sometimes happens when the paper is stored for a long time, then wet the shorter sheet more strongly in order to slightly stretch it and accurately align the contours. Wipe the currently glued seam with a dry cloth, smoothing it and ensuring an even distribution of the glue, by moving the cloth across the seam to the cut. If you are gluing together two long strips of the card, then spread one, apply glue to the gluing site, and roll the second into a roll and, gradually unwinding and aligning the contours, apply to the first.

Step 4

Let the glued sheets dry and fold. For ease of use, select the size that suits you, if you have a planchette, then select the size for it, but the card can also be kept in a regular A4 folder for business papers. Therefore, first fold it "in an accordion" along the length with a step width of 21 cm, and then fold the resulting strip "in an accordion", now in width. The length of the step is 28 cm. You will get a map folded in A4 format - 21x28 cm. Fold it neatly, smoothing out the folds with a ruler. Try not to coincide with the gluing points of the card. Now you can conveniently use the map without having to fully deploy it.

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