How To Get A Pilot's License

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How To Get A Pilot's License
How To Get A Pilot's License
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There are 3 categories of flying rights in Russia: private pilot (amateur), commercial pilot and line pilot. If you want to become a pilot and conquer the sky - get a pilot's license. It confirms that you have completed the relevant courses at the flying club or graduated from a specialized flight institute.

How to get a pilot's license
How to get a pilot's license


Step 1

Go to the flying club. After studying there, you can get a private pilot license. To become a pilot's license holder, you must be an adult citizen, that is, over 18 years old (for an amateur pilot and a commercial pilot), and for a line pilot, the age limit increases to 21 years.

Step 2

Get a medical examination. A pilot's license candidate must be in excellent health. He is required to undergo a medical examination. It is carried out by VLEK GA (medical and flight expert commission of civil aviation). Such commissions exist at airfields, flight schools and GA clubs. If at least one doctor recognizes the applicant for training as unfit, then a flight permit is not issued. The medical certificate for amateur pilots is valid: 3 years before the age of 40 and 2 years after the age of 40.

Step 3

Obtain a theoretical training certificate from an aviation school. A pilot candidate must study several theoretical courses: airplane design, airplane flight manuals, aviation medicine, piloting and many others.

Step 4

Take a hands-on training course: guided flying and ground training. The training must take place at a flight training institution that is certified by a state civil aviation authority. The total flight hours cannot be less than 42 hours. Training flights should be conducted under the guidance of an instructor who has a certificate that gives him the right to conduct such flight training.

Step 5

Earn your amateur pilot license by completing the above training and medical examination. If you want to become a pilot of a higher category, then you need to undergo additional training at flight schools or institutes. For example, for commercial and air line pilots, the total flight time is at least 200 and 1500 hours, respectively. Health requirements for a candidate with a new category of flying rights are also becoming more stringent.

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