How To Draw Up A Letter On Office Work

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How To Draw Up A Letter On Office Work
How To Draw Up A Letter On Office Work

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Despite the increasing spread of electronic document management, communication between enterprises via e-mail, business correspondence has not lost its relevance. More than 80% of business letters are printed on paper and sent by mail or by an intradepartmental expedition. How to write a letter correctly so that it will achieve its goal, and not be sent by the addressee to the trash bin?

How to draw up a letter on office work
How to draw up a letter on office work


Step 1

When you start writing a business letter, take a business letterhead. As a rule, its format is defined in the instructions for office work, printed on A4 paper. If the printing will be carried out on a ready-made letterhead, take care of sufficient indentation on top (to accommodate the details of the company). Leave the margin on the left - 30mm, on the right and bottom - 20mm (smaller, but not less than 15mm).

Step 2

When choosing a form, decide on the location of the details (angular or longitudinal). If your letter is related to production and financial activities, carries information, an offer for cooperation, is addressed to a private person - it is better to use the angular arrangement of the details (in the upper left corner of the sheet).

The addressee's details are printed in the upper left part of the letter. For a legal entity, this is the name of the organization (in the nominative case), the position of the person to whom the letter is intended (in the dative case). For example, JSC "PavlovskGranit", the head of the sales department Ivanov I.I.

If the letter is sent to the head, the name of the enterprise can be omitted, because it is included in the title of the position (for example, "Director of JSC PavlovskGranit" Sidorov EE).

Step 3

A letter of congratulation, an invitation letter will look better on a letterhead with a longitudinal arrangement of details. In the header of such a letter, the minimum number of details is the coat of arms or emblem, the name of the enterprise, the abbreviated name (only if it is enshrined in the charter or other governing document), date and number. The address, phone numbers, email address of the organization are located in the footer. It is advisable to place the content of such a letter on one sheet.

Step 4

Now start writing the letter itself. The name of the document (Letter) does not need to be printed. Choose a font of your choice, if it is not specified in the instructions for office work. The most commonly used font is Times New Roman, size 12-14.

Step 5

If it is intended for a specific person, contact him directly ("Dear Nikolai Ivanovich!") And only to "you". If not, go straight to the text. In case the letter is short, change the line spacing to 1, 5.

The content should be clear, clearly expressing what you want from the addressee.

Step 6

At the end, indicate the position of the head who signed the letter, full name (put initials in front of the surname, for example, V.I. Petrov). Below are your coordinates as a performer - last name, first name, patronymic, telephone number.

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