Why It Is Not Recommended To Swim In The Sea At Night

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Why It Is Not Recommended To Swim In The Sea At Night
Why It Is Not Recommended To Swim In The Sea At Night

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Warm wind, clear starry sky, the sound of the surf and the alluring moonlight. The man wandered onto a deserted beach. In his thoughts, he has only one thing - to run along the warm shore, and then plunge headlong into the clear water. And if a person came with his soul mate, how could there be something more romantic? But in most resorts, swimming in the sea or ocean at night is prohibited.

Why it is not recommended to swim in the sea at night
Why it is not recommended to swim in the sea at night

Dangerous bathing

Bans on night swimming in many resorts were introduced for a reason. According to statistics, most water accidents happen at night. Moreover, fatal accidents are also common. Firstly, if an accident happens to a person on a deserted shore, no one will help him at night, since the rescuers and medical staff are already asleep. Secondly, in the night crown it is possible not to pay attention to dangerous and sharp objects. It is very easy to cut your legs or slip your head against a stone in the dark.

Night rest

Most people like to gather noisy companies with music and drinks just in time for the night. Crawling into the water drunk even during the day is dangerous, and even at night the danger increases several times. At night, the temperature of water and air drops significantly. As a result, swimming in cold water and elevated blood alcohol levels can cause painful muscle contractions (cramps). Losing control over your body is one of the main causes of death on the water.

A large amount of potassium and magnesium salts is excreted from the body of a drunk person, which leads to seizures 40% more often than in a non-drinker.

Swimming in southern countries

During night swimming, the resorts of warm countries pose an even more terrible danger to vacationers. In the dark, a wide variety of marine life swim up to the shore. During the day, they prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle. The most dangerous sea animals of the southern resorts:

1. Shark is the most formidable predator of the deep sea. Some of the species can attack a person and inflict severe injury on him or even kill him.

2. Stingray stingray - on its long tail it has a thorn with poison, from a prick of which paralysis can occur.

3. Sea snakes are very poisonous representatives of the deep-sea fauna. Considered more dangerous than their land-based counterparts. But the poison of sea snakes is absorbed into the blood slowly, so after the bite there will be enough time for hospitalization.

4. Sea urchin. Most of the holidaymakers in Egypt have seen this sea dweller at least once. Most often it can be seen on coral beaches. Although its thorns with poison are not fatal, they can put a person in bed for 2 weeks. Therefore, on some beaches it is recommended to swim in special slippers.

5. Jellyfish and small poisonous fish are, oddly enough, the most dangerous representatives of the seas and oceans.

The Australian jellyfish wasp, cone shellfish, zebra fish and Portuguese boat can not only severely injure a person, but also kill him in a matter of minutes.

Warning signs

Pay attention to special information signs on the shore. These can be banners or just red flags. If they are present, it is strictly forbidden to climb into the water. Their presence can mean both the approach of a storm and the migration of dangerous creatures through this part of the coast - various jellyfish, ships or fish.

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