How To Send A Valuable Parcel

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How To Send A Valuable Parcel
How To Send A Valuable Parcel
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A parcel post is a type of postal item that can contain only printed publications, letters and photographs. The weight of the parcel must be at least 100 g, no more than 2 kg, there is also a limitation on its dimensions: the sum of length, width and height must not exceed 90 cm.

How to send a valuable parcel
How to send a valuable parcel

It is necessary

  • - envelope or box,
  • - Inventory filled in 2 copies.


Step 1

The parcel post can have a declared value, be simple or customized. To send a valuable parcel, you need to make an inventory of all its contents in duplicate. This is done using a special form of the inventory, in which you need to list everything that is contained in the shipment, as well as the number of copies and the cost of each item. The total cost according to the inventory will coincide with the declared value of the parcel. Inventory forms will be given to you by the operator of the postal service.

Step 2

Sometimes employees of post offices accept for shipment already packed parcels with an inventory, taking on trust that everything that you indicated is true. But with the same probability it may happen that the operator wants to personally make sure that you described everything correctly. Therefore, do not completely close the shipment until the inventory is certified by the postal worker. Simple parcels do not need an inventory.

Step 3

Whichever type of parcel you send, you must first pack everything carefully. Usually, given the small size of the cargo, senders buy special envelopes in the mail. But sometimes all the contents are simply neatly wrapped with paper and sealed so that the structure does not fall apart upon delivery. The easiest way is to use a mailing envelope or a box, since they have fields for writing an address.

Step 4

Fill in the information about the sender and the recipient, pack the parcel, enclosing one of the copies of the inventory. The second one will stay with you. Hand the shipment to the operator. He will determine the weight, and, taking into account the remoteness of the delivery region, determine how much is owed from you. A percentage of the declared value is also added to the cost of the shipment.

Step 5

After the operator accepts your parcel, he will hand you a check, which will indicate the identifier of the shipment. Using it, you can track the delivery status on the Russian Post website.

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