How To Live A Leap Year

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How To Live A Leap Year
How To Live A Leap Year

Video: How To Live A Leap Year

Video: How To Live A Leap Year
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The signs are based on real observations of people. Signs are conclusions from observing events that occur every year. Leap year signs were born in the same way.

How to live a leap year
How to live a leap year

What caused the signs

It is not recommended to do important undertakings in a leap year. It is believed that in such years it is not worth building neither buildings nor one's own life. A leap year is best to live quietly and calmly, without taking large-scale actions.

From the point of view of astrology, these signs are quite justified, because a leap year is the beginning of a four-year cycle, and if you approach an undertaking without proper responsibility, then the business you have started with a high probability will fail, bringing with it serious troubles.

Signs are also justified from the point of view of religion. Leap is the only year when there is February 29, and this number is associated with Kasyan, who serves evil spirits and harms people.

What are the signs

It is not recommended to change anything in your life in a leap year, since all changes will be hopeless. You should not change your place of residence, place of work, occupation, partner, etc. Some superstitious people do not even recommend changing your wardrobe and hairstyle.

According to signs, if in a leap year you happen to survive a divorce, you should buy a towel, take it to the church and give it to the women who clean there.

It is also not worth getting married in a leap year. There are many superstitions associated with weddings in leap years. It is believed that a marriage entered into in a leap year will disintegrate very quickly for one reason or another - conflicts, betrayal or the death of one of the spouses.

Planting at the beginning of the four-year cycle will not yield a large yield. And according to another sign, if in a leap year something is planted in a vegetable garden or garden, you can "bury" yourself or someone from your family, ie. to the death of a family member. Therefore, when planting something in the ground, you need to say: "in a leap year I will soot, I will wait to die."

Even mushrooms are not recommended to be picked this year. True, this sign has a basis, since the mycelium is reborn every four years, which is why some edible mushrooms become poisonous.

The explanation will take

Signs are a good thing. However, you shouldn't be so superstitious. If you've been offered a worthwhile job that you know you can handle, why not accept the offer? And if you do not calculate your strength, then you can lose your job at any time.

Divorce is the very last thing in any year. If there is an opportunity to save a family, especially if there are children in it, then you need to use it. And it is not at all necessary that later you will not be able to establish your personal life. Of course, if in a new marriage you behave in the same way as in the first one, then there can be no question of any happiness.

Well, the land generally loves respectful attitude. If you are planting something, then you need to talk to the land, ask it for a good harvest. It will not be difficult to say a few words to the ground during planting, but the harvest can turn out to be plentiful.

Old people will not speak in vain. All signs are observations of more than one generation, so do not dismiss them. But to believe blindly and thoughtlessly is not worth it. Think logically about each omen and decide for yourself - to believe in it or not.

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