Where Does Time Disappear

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Where Does Time Disappear
Where Does Time Disappear

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Recently, the request of Internet users about where time disappears has become quite popular. Moreover, most often the problem concerns the work schedule. People wonder why they fail to complete even a seemingly small to-do list on time. Several popular publications, including Komsomolskaya Pravda, tried to find an answer to this question.

Where does time disappear
Where does time disappear


Step 1

Journalists and bloggers did a little research and found that quite a few office workers waste some of their time. The use of special programs that monitor the actions performed by employees on office computers made it possible to verify this. It turned out that at least 2-4 hours of work time is wasted on card and other games, visiting social networks and entertainment sites and other extraneous resources. In addition, even small smoke breaks and conversations with colleagues add up to a large part of the working day.

Step 2

In some cases, the reason for the rapid disappearance of time is exactly the opposite. Sometimes employees are really well motivated and work tirelessly. Such people are usually so passionate about their work that they do not notice how the day passes, often jokingly regretting that there are only 24 hours in a day. The problem for such people is usually only that they take on too many responsibilities and, as a result, do not have time to complete part of the work on time.

Step 3

The first category of people is recommended to learn how to build a plan for their activities and achieve their goals, control their emotions and not allow them to spill out during work, and be responsible for their own mistakes. The bosses, on the other hand, should toughen measures of suppression of low performance indicators for their subordinates, introduce special fines for delays in planned affairs, but at the same time distribute work among all employees evenly.

Step 4

Hardworking people who do not have enough time for all their activities should be more rational in their daily routine. Perform simple duties at first, gradually moving on to more complex ones. Set yourself a reasonable amount of work. It is better to advance at a slow pace, but at the same time manage to complete all cases on time.

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