How Not To Buy Too Much

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How Not To Buy Too Much
How Not To Buy Too Much

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Video: How Not To Buy Too Much
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Purchases can be scheduled and impulse. The latter are most often completely unnecessary expenses. To avoid them, you need to allocate a little time for planning and adequately assess the needs before taking unnecessary goods from the window.

How not to buy too much
How not to buy too much


Step 1

Although the method is trivial and obvious, customers are lazy to use it. Before going to the store, in a relaxed environment, make a list of the groceries you need. If you are going to pamper yourself with something, immediately include this "pleasantness" in the list.

Step 2

Take a look in the refrigerator before going to the supermarket. There may still be plenty of food to eat before stocking up with new ones. Do not buy food for future use: it has a shelf life, and some products have a rather limited expiration date. Stocks can go bad, and you find yourself wasted time and money.

Step 3

Decide in advance on the amount you expect to spend on purchases, and do not take a single ruble to the store. If you are going to pay by card, do not leave the list and do not change your intentions for the limit of expenses.

Step 4

Do not go to shopping malls and supermarkets hungry and upset: your stomach and mood will make purchases for you. Shopping is definitely a great therapy, if not expensive. A hungry person buys a lot of fragrant, visually attractive foods, convenience foods, ready meals, which always costs more. A frustrated person may seek solace in sweets, alcoholic beverages, and unhealthy foods that they would never have purchased otherwise.

Step 5

Try not to take children to the store. They force you to buy excess items and products that are not on your list. This can be attributed to unplanned expenses, but more often than not they are not limited to one mini-chocolate.

Step 6

Before the checkout, critically and meticulously examine the contents of the basket. Is there something in it that you could well do without today and tomorrow? If you find such items, do not hesitate to put them on the shelves in front of the checkout before you start paying.

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