Silicone Tube: Applications And Properties

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Silicone Tube: Applications And Properties
Silicone Tube: Applications And Properties

Video: Silicone Tube: Applications And Properties

Video: Silicone Tube: Applications And Properties
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Organopolysiloxanes revolutionized industry in the 19th century. We are talking about silicone and its derivatives, which, thanks to their unique properties, have made it possible to modernize many processes both in the field of mechanics and in the field of medicine.

Silicone tube: applications and properties
Silicone tube: applications and properties

The most common silicone products today are silicone tubing, gaskets, and sealants. The properties of silicone make it possible to operate products made from it at various temperatures, even critical ones. So, the working range of a silicone tube is from -55 to +290 degrees Celsius.

Tubes made of silicone are resistant to various factors, such as:

- exposure to mineral oils;

- sea water and boiling water;

- various chemicals, alkalis, acids, alcohols;

- resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

Silicone tubing is well deformation-resistant, non-toxic and can even withstand radiation. In addition, the service life of the tubes can be up to 30 years. Depending on the manufacturing method, the tubes have different colors.

Medical use

Medicine, perhaps most of all, should be grateful for the discovery of silicone and its properties. This material has literally replaced the impractical and often unsafe polyethylene materials. Today, silicone tubing is used to make droppers. They are used in various medical devices for the delivery of medicinal substances and air mixtures, such as, for example, in devices for inhalation anesthesia and artificial lung ventilation. Tubes are indispensable as various drainage drainage systems, as they do not come into contact with blood and do not deform due to heat exposure. They save the life of postoperative patients when it was impossible before.

Use in technology

In the technical field, silicone tubes are used to supply and remove various liquids, insulate wires, create a protective coating for pipes inside corrosive environments.

For example, in the automotive industry, pipes are used to supply gasoline to the engine and in the cooling circuit of the car. They withstand pressure well, so they can be used to cool various devices and units.

Food industry use

Silicone tubes are widely used in the food industry, where they are used in various types of separators, filling lines, distillation units, rectification columns. It is very convenient because silicone is odorless. In these installations, the silicone tube serves as a supply of liquid for processing and further dispensing.

Tubes are also irreplaceable in various scientific laboratories. Due to their properties, they are used in many experimental installations for the isolation of new chemical and biological substances. There, with the help of these pipes, chemical and biological reagents are supplied and processed to obtain new substances.

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