What Is The Peculiarity Of Thai Massage

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What Is The Peculiarity Of Thai Massage
What Is The Peculiarity Of Thai Massage

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Traditional Thai massage is a very healthy procedure. Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with erotic massage and sexual services.



Step 1

During the classical Thai massage, both the patient and the masseur are dressed in loose clothing made of cotton or other natural material, while the feet should be bare. In Thai massage parlors, the patient is usually asked to change into a comfortable set of clothing if his or her massage outfit is not suitable.

Step 2

Like Indian and Chinese massage, Thai is based on the teaching of invisible energy lines that permeate the entire human body. It is believed that there are 72,000 such lines, but only 10 are important for massage. The masseur acts on such lines along the entire length, as well as on the points of their intersection, thus bringing the human energy into the desired state. It is believed that this practice can eliminate the causes of the disease before it manifests itself at the body level.

Step 3

Muscles during Thai massage are worked out to a lesser extent than during a regular European (Swedish), but with regular use of Thai massage, their elasticity and tone are significantly improved, quite often the result is better than after a full course of Swedish massage.

Step 4

No special creams or oils are used during traditional Thai massage. There is a special Thai oil massage, it is a relaxed traditional massage that is great for rest and relaxation.

Step 5

The duration of a session of traditional Thai massage is about 2-3 hours, only during this time you can really deeply work out all the lines and the body. If you do not have an extra 3 hours, ask the masseur to work on a separate area of ​​the body - shoulders, legs or back, this is better than working out the whole body, but just a little.

Step 6

During Thai massage, the patient is a full-fledged participant in a kind of dance. Many fans of this type of massage call it passive yoga, during the procedure the whole body moves in one way or another, the muscles tense and relax. The master can press on the desired points not only with his fingers and palms, but also with his elbows, knees and even feet. That is why Thai massage is done on special mats, this allows you to feel the effort necessary to work out a particular point.

Step 7

In Thai massage it is necessary to give feedback to the master. Unpleasant painful sensations must be immediately voiced so that the master does not harm your muscles, since the limits of their soft stretch are quite difficult to feel even for a very experienced master.

Step 8

Each Thai massage session is built according to a certain scheme - usually the master starts working with the legs, then massages the hands, then goes to the back and repeats the process. However, if the patient has any problems or difficulties that require additional study, the master must take this into account, paying special attention to them.

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