How To Choose A Massage Table

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How To Choose A Massage Table
How To Choose A Massage Table

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Any novice masseur sooner or later faces the problem of choosing his own massage table. Of course, it is possible to conduct classes on the floor or on a bed, but this is inconvenient for both the client and the master himself. It is better to start practice right away on special equipment in order to avoid problems in the future and gain the trust of customers. But how to choose a massage table and what should be taken into account?

How to choose a massage table
How to choose a massage table


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First, decide what goal you are pursuing. If you need a table for your infrequent home practice, then this is one thing. If you want to choose equipment for a professional massage room or clinic, then you need to focus on completely different parameters. The main requirement for any massage table is its convenience for the patient and the massage therapist. The client should have a feeling of complete relaxation, and for this the size of the massage table should correspond to its dimensions. Also pay attention to the material from which the table cover is made. It is best if it is padded and has no noticeable folds or articulations. It is much more comfortable to lie on such a table than on a hard surface with "bumps" and "steps".

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The strength of the table requires special attention. Massage tables are folding and stationary. The fold-out ones are much cheaper and are ideal for those who are just starting out in private practice and want to equip a massage parlor at home. Although for novice businessmen organizing a dispensary or massage parlor, this option is also quite acceptable. One of the most important parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a folding massage table is its stability. During the massage, the table should not move from side to side, sway and creak. Even if the sellers assure you that this is normal and has absolutely no effect on strength and stability, do not purchase such a table. Perhaps you can really swing on it without consequences, but a solid support is needed for massage. In addition, it will be difficult for the patient to relax.

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Now there are many modifications of professional massage tables. They are quite expensive, but they are rightfully considered the most convenient, reliable and safe on the market. If you are choosing a massage table for a clinic, you should opt for one of the professional models. Now manufacturers are creating tables for children, overweight people and even pregnant women so that anyone can enjoy the massage without feeling left out.

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