How To Choose Compression Hosiery

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How To Choose Compression Hosiery
How To Choose Compression Hosiery

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For patients with varicose veins of the lower extremities and chronic venous insufficiency, compression therapy plays a key role in complex treatment. The correct choice of compression hosiery allows you to help the patient, relieve his suffering and relieve discomfort.

How to choose compression hosiery
How to choose compression hosiery


Step 1

Compression knitwear is a special underwear (stockings, tights, knee-highs) that creates external pressure on the leg tissue. This pressure is like a "second skin" does not allow the veins to expand and contributes to the narrowing of varicose veins, elimination of venous stasis and acceleration of blood flow. Wearing compression underwear improves blood flow to the heart, as a result of which swelling disappears, fatigue and heaviness in the legs decreases or disappears altogether. The elastic compression significantly improves the blood supply to the skin, the permanent massage effect speeds up the metabolism.

Step 2

Do not prescribe to yourself the wearing of compression stockings, socks or tights - only a doctor prescribes it. Visit a specialist, he will accurately determine the stage of the disease and, based on its characteristics and nature, will individually select the degree of necessary compression. The type of compression hosiery (tights, knee-highs, stockings) is selected by the doctor depending on the area affected by the disease.

Step 3

Knee-highs are prescribed for varicose diseases of the lower leg, as well as during the rehabilitation period after vein surgery and removal of stitches. Stockings are recommended for vein diseases concentrated under the knee or in the thigh area. Stockings with fasteners and tights of the III compression class are prescribed after a thrombosis.

Step 4

When shopping for compression hosiery, pay attention to the following special marks on the packaging: Breathable. The fabric (cotton, rubber, elastoden) from which the compression garment is made must be breathable. This is to keep your feet dry. If stockings, knee-highs or tights are made of other materials, you should not purchase such products. Antimicrobial action and hypoallergenicity. This prevents unpleasant odors from developing.

Step 5

Take out the product, carefully inspect and feel it, check for elasticity and presence of defects (for example, holds). The knitwear should be pleasant to the touch, stretch well in length and width. Buy a product that exactly fits your size.

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