Where In Prague You Can Buy Good, Inexpensive Clothes

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Where In Prague You Can Buy Good, Inexpensive Clothes
Where In Prague You Can Buy Good, Inexpensive Clothes

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You won't be able to buy a real designer item in Prague for a ridiculous price. And the range of brands is not as extensive here as in Paris or Milan. But given the large number of mid-range stores and the occasional sales, shopping in the Czech capital will leave good memories.

Where in Prague you can buy good, inexpensive clothes
Where in Prague you can buy good, inexpensive clothes

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Prague is one of the pillars of shopping, where the cultural and historical center is perfectly combined with fashionable contents. Meanwhile, a distinctive feature of the fashion of the Czechs themselves is pragmatism. In clothes, simplicity is preferred, but from this it does not lose in style or elegance. So the most pleasant in terms of price is the casual line - inexpensive, but practical and stylish clothes. Marks & Spencer, Mango, Vero moda, H&M, Benetton, Zara, Diesel, New Yorker will be happy to provide the most complete assortment in this regard.

So, you should look for your new wardrobe on Wenceslas Square and in the adjacent side streets.

The New Yorker on the square is represented not by one of the boutiques, but by a decent-sized shopping center. The prices are pleasantly pleasing, and during the sales period it is difficult to resist the desire to take the entire store with you. Desigual and Promod are located within a radius of several meters. The first one sells bright youth clothes, and the second one will dress a lady of any age category elegantly and at an affordable price.

But Palladium certainly attracts the attention and wallets of all tourists. The convenient location in the center of the capital, multiplied by 100-kopeck boutiques, restaurants, casinos in the basement and even a grocery mini-market, make this place magnetically attractive. However, the prices here are identical to other shops in Prague.

On the Na Prikope street adjacent to Palladium, you can find many shops familiar to Russians in the so-called middle class - Mango, Benetton, Zara, Diesel. The sporty style is represented by Adidas.

Nový Smíchov is the most Russian-speaking, so to speak, shopping center in Prague. In terms of the number of Russian tourists, it even overtakes the Palladium. The boutiques are large, the prices are average. You can buy both regular (shirts, blouses, dresses) and high quality outerwear. The only thing that some may blame this shopping center as a disadvantage is crowdedness.


A cherished dream for true shopaholics is the season of sales. And the perfect time for anyone looking to update their wardrobe. In the Czech Republic, as in any European country, there are two types of mass sales: winter and summer. Winter starts at the same time as the end of the Christmas holidays - January 2 or 3, and ends in late or mid-February. The summer season is longer. Prices start to fall in mid-June and by the end of summer, discounts reach 70%.

Discounts for the rest of the time are represented by temporary promotions of individual stores and are 10-30%.

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