Where It Grows And How Is The Deep Lot Used

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Where It Grows And How Is The Deep Lot Used
Where It Grows And How Is The Deep Lot Used
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The blue lotus has a strong effect on the human body, therefore in Russia the flowers and petals of this plant are ranked among the first group of narcotic drugs. This flower is used for cooking, for medical and other purposes.

Blue lotus
Blue lotus

The blue lotus belongs to the amphibious perennial plants that belong to the lotus family. This flower is the most revered in the East, and in the Vedic culture it is considered sacred. Among the inhabitants of Africa and Asia, it symbolizes immortality.

Where does the blue lotus grow?

It develops optimally in tropical or temperate climates. In Russia, it can be found in the Volga delta, in the Transcaucasus, in the Far East. This extraordinary flower grows in India (now it is very rare), Palestine, along the banks of the Nile, in Egypt. Therefore, this plant is otherwise called the Nile or Egyptian lily. The petals of an ordinary water lily can also have a bluish tint, and it is often confused with a blue lotus. However, the latter has a beautiful blue color and a pronounced aroma.

How is the blue lotus applied?

In oriental culture, this plant has long been used as a food product. The seeds are used to make flour with a high protein content, and the root of the flower is added to the brazier when preparing various dishes. If a small amount of petals and stamens are brewed together with tea, the drink will acquire an extraordinary aroma.

Due to the large amount of essential oil contained in the fresh flower, the lotus has an incredibly pleasant scent that causes a slight intoxication effect. The blue lotus is known for its hypnotic composition. Flowers and leaves of this plant in the Russian Federation are prohibited for circulation and belong to the first group of the list of narcotic drugs. A decoction of any of the parts of this plant is able to relax the muscles, has a hypotonic and vasodilating effect.

Flowers contain a substance called nuciferin. It has a strong effect on a person, which has a pronounced calming and euphoric effect. The extract obtained from flowers and leaves is an effective antispasmodic, stimulant of blood circulation and sexual activity, excellent analgesic.

In medicine, the effect of a plant on the human body is regarded as opioid relaxation, which is replaced by a strong aphrodisiac effect. As a rule, this state does not last long, so the reception is combined with other substances that enhance relaxation. The optimal dose for a single use is 15 g of dry petals, which need to be brewed at 1, 5-2 g and gradually drunk like tea.

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