How To Restore Velor

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How To Restore Velor
How To Restore Velor

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Velor is a velvety material made from specially treated leather. The same name is also given to dense fabric with a fleecy surface. Finally, there is also artificial velor - it is upholstered in furniture and car seats. All these materials are united by a soft velvety texture. And small defects such as scuffs, shiny spots and even small holes can be easily eliminated, thereby returning the velor to a neat appearance.

How to restore velor
How to restore velor

It is necessary

  • - nubuck brush;
  • - eraser;
  • - stiff clothes brush;
  • - coloring spray for nubuck and suede;
  • - glue.


Step 1

Velor gloves, bags and shoes look elegant, but they quickly start to shine. To restore a velvety surface to the leather, the garment can be brushed with a rubber nubuck brush. Treat the surface vigorously against lint. Rub the greasy areas with a soft eraser or a special rubber for suede. Dark velor can be perfectly cleaned with rye bread crust.

Step 2

If the look of your bag or shoes still doesn't suit you, steam the affected area. Pour water into a kettle, bring it to a boil, and bring the shiny area to the steam coming out of the spout. The adhered villi will straighten out. Be careful not to burn your hands. This procedure should not be carried out too often.

Step 3

Salt or water stains that often remain on velor shoes should be brushed off with a stiff brush. If light traces remain, try painting over them with special suede paint, packaged in aerosol cans. If the area of ​​the affected surface is large, paint not only the discolored areas, but the entire product.

Step 4

Choose a shade darker than the original velor shade. Spray it onto a clean, dry surface, spreading evenly over the entire item. It is better to seal the sole, welts and decorative elements with masking tape.

Step 5

A pile of woolen fabric called velor that has adhered to it can be lifted with a regular hair massage brush or a stiff-bristled clothes brush. Small slickers for animals are also very good. Use them carefully - thin wires can tear the fabric. Brush your coat or jacket gently against the lint, and then iron the fabric in the opposite direction.

Step 6

Faux velor car seats are often plagued by cigarette ash. Careless movement - and a small but noticeable hole in the upholstery is provided. It may well be camouflaged. Use a nail scissors to cut some lint in an inconspicuous place and use super glue to strengthen the lint at the damaged area.

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