How To Return A Non-defective Item

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How To Return A Non-defective Item
How To Return A Non-defective Item

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The main normative act governing the relationship between the buyer and the seller is the Federal Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”. Knowing the provisions of this law will also help you in the event that it is necessary to return a defective product, which many sellers actively resist.

How to return a non-defective item
How to return a non-defective item


Step 1

Keep in mind that you can return a serviceable and high-quality non-food product to the store in any case, even if the product belongs to those that are allocated in a separate category - technically complex products. But, of course, the excuse for its return cannot be “I changed my mind” or “I don’t like the product”. The reason why you are returning a purchase may be that it did not suit you in style, color, shape, size or configuration.

Step 2

You must decide for yourself the issue of the final purchase of a good quality product within 14 days, starting from the day following the day of purchase of the product. Later than two calendar weeks, it makes no sense to contact the store for an exchange or return. Only in the case when the last day of the return period falls on a non-working day, the period can be postponed to the first day of the seller's work after it.

Step 3

The condition under which you can demand a return is the complete preservation of the presentation of the product, the presence of all factory labels and seals, the absence of traces of exploitation and the presence of a document that confirms that this product was purchased from this seller. You will not be able to return it if the item is damaged or stained during transportation from or to the store. An optional of the conditions listed above is only the presence of a payment document. If it is lost, the testimony of witnesses can be taken into account, which will confirm the fact of the purchase.

Step 4

According to paragraph 2 of Art. 25 of the Law, subject to all conditions, you have the right to exchange an unsuitable purchase for a product of similar quality, value and purpose. You have the right to demand a refund of the amount paid only if the seller cannot offer you an equivalent product. At the same time, the excuse that the goods will arrive at the store tomorrow or in a few days is not a valid reason not to demand a refund. Replacement must be done on the same day.

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