Shopping And Entertainment Centers: Methods Of Attracting Customers

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Shopping And Entertainment Centers: Methods Of Attracting Customers
Shopping And Entertainment Centers: Methods Of Attracting Customers
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A shopping center, or a shop of shops, is a huge colorful building, at the entrance to which you will be greeted by music and automatic doors will open politely. Music will sound both inside and in the toilet, and in every, even the smallest shop, its own music will sound. A vigorous major rhythm, magical mantras of a successful life fascinate, the shopping center draws customers into its womb. You will be filled with the aroma of coffee and fresh flowers, and the escalator will pick up and carry you to the sparkling advertisements, where people like you are scurrying around, only with packages …

Shopping center
Shopping center

Get lost and buy

Despite the fact that the shopping center is a relatively modern phenomenon, it is not easy for those who find themselves in its bowels to figure out where the store, which they need right now, is located. Yes, you will find a fun colored blueprint at the entrance. Only "buy a couple of Benetton T-shirts and go out" is unlikely to succeed. Navigation for the Shopping Center is deadly. Its purpose is to let you in and not let you go for as long as possible. So you have to wander and wander, diving into this and this shop, and that one - so, look, along the way. And the shopping center will do everything to make the process as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

For example, shopping centers often have excellent bathrooms - spacious and finished with good materials. However, they are hidden as far as possible from the entrance. Come on, try to get to them without missing out on a couple of sales!

The same principle is common: it takes a long time to get there, there are many temptations along the way. Going only to the bathroom, just having a snack or just buying a carton of milk will not work.

Everything for you - just spend

The shopping center is easy to reach - as a rule, it has a large free car park, where there are always free spaces. There is often a free shuttle bus from the nearest metro station.

“The place where everything is” sounds tempting! Moreover, this "everything" offers you such comfortable conditions: a roof over your head, always good weather and a friendly atmosphere. Even if you don't need anything, just come and relax!

The ground floor of the mall usually contains the least visited shops - jewelry, eyewear and luxury goods. Feel yourself worthy of this establishment! Take a walk along the shop windows! Even if you just need the H and M briefs.

A grocery supermarket, usually also located on the ground floor (of course, not at the entrance), can work around the clock, unlike the center itself. Shoppers should be aware that they can come to the mall at any time of the day or night for groceries!

If you manage to find an elevator and break through the endless boutiques to the top floor, you can have an inexpensive, tasty and varied meal. The food court is organized according to the principle of a market square: rows of adjacent shop windows of various cafes, where you will be given an order on a tray, are surrounded by a huge number of tables and chairs. Buy soup at one cafe, a drink at another, or just eat a sandwich you grabbed from home. Here, on the upper floors, there is a whole entertainment industry: cinemas, bowling, skating rink.

Shopping centers need absolutely everything! Children have fun in a special children's room while parents are loaded with goods. Teens set up dates after testing their makeup for free. They will braid you, get a manicure, give you a stack of discount coupons, and get a credit card in 15 minutes. Buy for health! You won't get tired: soft inviting sofas are usually placed around the center. Sit down, have a light massage in a special chair, relax … and you can go on!

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