Sturgeon Fish: Breeding Features

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Sturgeon Fish: Breeding Features
Sturgeon Fish: Breeding Features

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Russia has always been famous for its sturgeon. From a commercial point of view, sturgeon fish are very valuable because they provide tasty meat and a large amount of expensive caviar. Their swim bladders and dorsal string are used.

Sturgeon fish: breeding features
Sturgeon fish: breeding features

How to breed sturgeon correctly. Equipment

For sturgeon breeding, you need to prepare a special container and the necessary equipment. At the initial stage of breeding, you can use an ordinary plastic pool in a meter deep and with a diameter of 1.5-2.5 meters. This container must be equipped with a compressor, pump and filter to ensure aeration, purification and filtration.

High-quality equipment will allow you to do without special employees, which, in turn, will help save money. If your budget allows, you can purchase an auto feeder to save time.

The equipment should not operate at the limit of its capabilities, this will lead to a decrease in the service life. Before buying a compressor and a pump, you need to find out how much volume they can handle, it is better to take it with some power reserve. To save money, you can make your own pool from quality plastic. For the first time, one container is enough.

How to breed sturgeon correctly. Fry and food

When the place for fish and all the equipment is ready, you need to buy 5 grams of fry from a large fish farm specializing in sturgeon breeding. It is almost impossible to get fry at home. This is the most important part of breeding and cannot be economized on. The growth rate and taste of the fish depend on the health of the purchased fry.

The sturgeon feels best and eats well at a temperature of 20-24 degrees. Fish of the sturgeon family feed from the bottom and find food with the help of smell, respectively, the food should smell good and sink in the water. The food should be very nutritious and contain: 50% crude protein, 25% crude fat, 3% fiber, and some lysine and phosphorus. Your best bet is to buy food specifically made for sturgeon rather than trying to make it yourself.

Sturgeon fry develop in different ways, some of them may weigh half a kilo in six months, and the other will gain this weight only after 7, 5-8 months. The most valuable are the specimens weighing a kilogram or more. To make the sturgeon grow faster, you need to regularly clean the container from bottom sediments, check the condition and sufficiency of the water volume.

If things are going well and the fish are multiplying, more breeding pools can be purchased. It should be noted that it is possible to keep fish in the greenhouse, while maintaining the required temperature.

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