How To Attract Passengers

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How To Attract Passengers
How To Attract Passengers
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With the emergence of private companies involved in passenger transportation, competition between them intensified. Business leaders use different methods to increase passenger traffic, but not all are equally effective. A lot of money is spent on advertising, updating the fleet, but simple non-observance of the traffic schedule can ruin the whole work.

How to attract passengers
How to attract passengers

It is necessary

  • - stickers;
  • - good staff;
  • - comfortable car fleet.


Step 1

Put yourself in the shoes of a passenger arriving late for work: you won't have to wait long for another, newer bus if time is pressing for you. Keep your transport running smoothly during rush hour so people can be sure your company won't let them down.

Step 2

Order special stickers with the logos of your transport company so that satisfied passengers see and choose your bus. Strive for the quality of customer service. Select staff carefully, excluding people with bad habits and boors. A polite conductor with his smile and sense of humor can improve the mood for the whole day.

Step 3

Organize a hotline, place information with a phone number on each of your buses. When you receive complaints about drivers or conductors, deal with each case, write out warnings. If a person systematically smokes while driving, talks on a cell phone, get rid of such an employee.

Step 4

Take care of the cleanliness of the transport, periodically clean and replace the upholstery of the seats. When choosing each new bus, pay attention not only to its price, but also to its comfort. Sit in the passenger seats, grab the handrails, get in and out of the car. Of course, passengers are more willing to get into new bright and clean cars.

Step 5

It is also important to have an autoinformer announcing stops so that people are not afraid to miss theirs and move to the exit in advance. In the struggle for passengers, stickers that a person will see standing at a bus stop help: "the driver does not smoke", "clean bus", "polite conductor", "comfort and convenience". Come up with other phrases to help people choose your company as a carrier.

Step 6

Make the driver obey the traffic rules and drive the bus smoothly, without sudden braking and quick starts, in order to avoid the fall of standing passengers. If you comply with all these conditions during the operation of a transport company, there will be no complaints and complaints from the residents of your city, people will wait for your cars in order to comfortably reach their destination.

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