How To Indicate OKVED Codes In

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How To Indicate OKVED Codes In
How To Indicate OKVED Codes In

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OKEVD - All-Russian classifier of types of economic activity. It is necessary in order to systematize, bring to a unified form the designation of the types of activities of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on the territory of the Russian Federation and effectively maintain statistical records. When specifying the code of economic activity in the documents, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.

How to indicate OKVED codes
How to indicate OKVED codes


Step 1

The first time an enterprise (or an individual entrepreneur) comes across codes according to OKEVD is when it chooses them during registration and fills out an application form in the established form for submission to the territorial tax authority. The company must indicate its main activity and, if necessary, additional types.

Step 2

To provide data to the territorial tax authority, indicate the OKVED codes on the corresponding sheet of the application form. Enter the main type of activity in the first line, additional types - in the following lines. When filling out the application, keep in mind that each code must contain at least three digits.

Step 3

Opposite the entered code, write down its decoding, using exactly the same wording as contained in the All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities. OKEVD can be found in bookstores or on the Internet. In the network, this information is contained on many sites, for example, on the site at or If you are missing one sheet on the application form, create a duplicate sheet and continue to fill in the activities you want.

Step 4

After registration of activities in accordance with the procedure established by law, the enterprise must receive an information letter from the State Statistics Committee (Roskomstat). Contact the territorial statistics and accounting bodies, having with you a certificate of registration of the enterprise, an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and the constituent documents of the enterprise.

Step 5

The letter from Goskomstat will indicate all the OKVED codes registered by your enterprise with a decoding. In the future, when filling out documents where it is necessary to indicate codes according to OKVED (conclusion of transactions, obtaining loans, and so on), use the received information letter, that is, enter the data in the same way as indicated in the letter of the State Statistics Committee.

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