What Documents Are Needed For Temporary Registration

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What Documents Are Needed For Temporary Registration
What Documents Are Needed For Temporary Registration

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A temporary residence permit can be obtained for a different period from 6 months to 5 years. The homeowner and the registered person must have a list of documents confirming ownership and identity.

Application for registration
Application for registration


Step 1

A temporary registration is carried out at the passport office of the Federal Migration Service, with the participation of the landlord and the citizen who will be registered. A citizen can obtain a temporary residence permit only with the consent of the owner of the apartment. When submitting documents, the landlord must provide the original and a copy of the certificate of ownership. This document is issued in justice at the time of privatization or purchase of a residential property and must be kept by the owner.

Step 2

The landlord gives written consent to the temporary residence of the third party. The form of this application is issued at the passport office and is filled out in the presence of the inspector of the migration service. In this application, the rightholder of the house or apartment asks the authorized body to register this citizen on the territory of his residence. In the fields to be filled in, the owner of the home indicates his passport data and the data of the person being registered, the address of the object at which the new tenant is registered, the degree of kinship and the period of registration.

Step 3

In cases where the housing is in shared ownership, the consent of each copyright holder and the originals of certificates of ownership of all owners of the residential premises are required. If one of the homeowners does not agree, and it does not matter 1/2 or 1/100 of the apartment belongs to him, according to the law, it is impossible to register a new tenant. With general agreement, each copyright holder writes a statement asking for the registration of a new citizen. In a situation where the homeowners are parents and minors, mom or dad, on behalf of the children, write consent to prescribe a new person.

Step 4

The list of documents for temporary registration contains the passports of all participants in the process - homeowners and the registered citizen, but if the copyright holder of the dwelling is a child, his birth certificate must be attached.

Step 5

If one of the homeowners changed the passport data, but did not change them in the certificate of registration of property rights, documents confirming the change in the data are required. For example, the owner of the apartment got married and took her husband's surname, already received a new passport, but did not manage to change the data in the justice system, she must submit a marriage certificate to the passport office when registering a new tenant.

Step 6

Temporary registration implies military registration at a new place of residence, therefore, a registered citizen liable for military service must present his military ID. In the migration service, such a citizen will be issued an absentee ballot, according to which he must, within five days, be removed from the military register at the old place of residence and register with the military registration and enlistment office assigned to the place of new registration.

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