What Are The Occult Sciences

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What Are The Occult Sciences
What Are The Occult Sciences

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Official science is recognized all over the world today. With it, people enjoy the many attributes of progress and the comforts they bring. Despite its popularity, there are various occult sciences that have their own, albeit few, followers.

What are the occult sciences
What are the occult sciences


Alchemy is an ancient science that studied various metals and their properties. The main goal of every alchemist was the creation of the legendary Philosopher's Stone, which had the ability to turn any substance into gold.

Some believe that alchemy originated in medieval Europe. This is not true. The very word "chemistry" comes from the Arabic language. The Egyptians were the first to study metals and their properties. Europeans joined this science only after the campaigns of Alexander the Great. Many complex treatises were written, which described experiments on obtaining certain substances.

There are several principles of alchemy that all ancient scientists adhered to. The first of them asserts that matter is one, that is, it consists of the same substance in various modifications. Many proofs in treatises were based on this principle.


Kabbalah is also classified as an occult science. This is a whole system with the help of which a person can learn the secrets of the universe and his divine purpose in this world. Kabbalists claim that the keys to unlimited knowledge and wisdom are contained in the scriptures of the Jews. Each letter in the scriptures has a specific meaning. The man's task is to unravel it. This can be done using the methods described in the books on Kabbalah.

Notarikon is one of the many methods of deciphering letter messages. It consists in representing each word as an abbreviation. The Kabbalists considered each letter as a separate word. For example, “Agla” can be interpreted as “Athar Gibor Leolam Adonai” (“I acknowledge your power, O Lord!”). Another method of knowing the sacred texts is to rearrange the letters in the original word.


Astrology is one of the oldest occult sciences that still influences some people today. People believe in horoscopes and predictions and build their lives according to them.

The Babylonians believed that the fate of a person can be accurately told by the arrangement of the planets in the firmament at the time of his birth. For several millennia, they have collected a colossal amount of information about the laws of motion of celestial bodies. Gradually, this knowledge spread throughout the world. Some civilizations possessed such information, but it served for calendar purposes (for example, in China). The main goal of astrology was and remains the prediction of destinies.

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