How To Determine The Thickness Of The Ice

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How To Determine The Thickness Of The Ice
How To Determine The Thickness Of The Ice

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Accidents on water bodies happen at any time of the year. In winter, they are primarily due to the fact that the ice is far from being as strong as it looked from the shore. If you are going to set up an ice rink, a walking or car crossing, or even just fishing, make sure that the ice is thick enough for your purpose.

How to determine the thickness of the ice
How to determine the thickness of the ice

It is necessary

  • - ice drill;
  • - measuring tool.


Step 1

Inspect the pond from the shore. Strong and thick ice looks smooth and uniform. There should be no drifts or debris on it. The best quality is formed where there is no strong wind. The freezing rate and ice characteristics depend on the flow rate, water composition and a number of other factors. Fresh water freezes faster than sea water, soft water faster than hard water. In any case, you cannot rely solely on external signs.

Step 2

Choose a place where you are going to set up a skating rink or ferry. There should be no snowdrifts, since ice under the snow may not be as strong as in open places. It is necessary to descend to the surface of the reservoir very carefully. A well-groomed trail is preferred.

Step 3

Ice consists of two layers. The top is usually cloudy, the bottom is transparent. It is by its condition that strength is determined. Therefore, clear the area where you will measure the top layer.

Step 4

Cut a piece of ice down to the surface of the water. This can be done with the help of the most ordinary ice drill, which is used by lovers of winter fishing. These borax are of several types. Some people immediately take out the core, and you just have to measure its thickness using a regular ruler or tape measure. The thickness of the ice is measured in the same way as the analogous parameter for any other object, that is, by the shortest distance between points on one surface and on the other.

Step 5

Kern does not get all of these devices. You may have an ordinary brace at hand, which only makes a hole in the ice. Cut a hole 15-20 centimeters in diameter. In this case, you will need a homemade measuring tool. It is a ruler, the end of which at the level of the zero mark is bent with the letter "G". The angle between the long and short planks must be strictly straight.

Step 6

Lower the caliper into the hole so that the bar catches on the bottom edge of the ice. Hold the meter strictly upright. Mark on the long bar where the top edge of the ice goes, and measure the distance between this bar and the short bar.

Step 7

If you need to know how strong the ice is over a fairly large area, drill several holes. Remember only that they should not be placed too close to each other. Better to make them at a distance of 5 m from each other.

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