What Documents Are Required To Exchange A Passport At 45 Years Old

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What Documents Are Required To Exchange A Passport At 45 Years Old
What Documents Are Required To Exchange A Passport At 45 Years Old

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In accordance with the currently valid norms of law, every person who has citizenship of the Russian Federation is obliged to replace a passport at 45 years of age. A document not replaced in a timely manner is invalid, and a citizen cannot perform any legally significant actions with such a passport. But it is within everyone's power to prepare for a new title deed. The simplicity of the procedure for changing a passport after reaching a certain age will take a little time.

Russian passport
Russian passport


Step 1

With a question about changing your passport, you can contact the territorial FMS within a month after the onset of 45 years. The issue of changing the passport cannot be considered by the department employees until the specified age is reached. It should be noted that an appeal to the FMS after a month from the date of turning 45 years old entails the application of administrative penalties.

Step 2

When contacting the FMS, you must provide a passport in your name, which has lost its legal properties since the age of forty-five.

Step 3

At the FMS department, you will be asked to fill out a sample application in the established form. Filling out the application will not take more than 5 minutes. For greater convenience, it is possible to fill out an application at home. The application form (Form 1-P) can be found through the Consultant Plus search system. The document is subject to acceptance even if it is filled out not by hand, but by typed machine text.

Step 4

Another required document is a receipt confirming the payment of the state duty. To date, the amount of the state fee is a fee of at least 200 rubles. The absence of a payment document cannot become the basis or reason for the refusal by the FMS officers to accept the application.

Step 5

In addition to the listed documents, you must provide the FMS department with photographs in the amount of two pieces of 35x45 mm. Photos can be black and white or color. A prerequisite is the compliance of the submitted photos with the age of the applicant.

Step 6

If you wish, you can enter the data on children in the corresponding section of the newly received passport. To resolve this issue, it is necessary to additionally provide the FMS specialist with documents confirming the legal relationship of the applicant and the children. Such a document is the certificate of the registry office of the birth of a child. If you changed the surname and surname of the parent and the children do not match, you must also provide a certificate of divorce and, if available, a certificate of registration of the second and subsequent marriages.

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