How Much Do Writers Earn

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How Much Do Writers Earn
How Much Do Writers Earn

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Writing a book is fun, but not everyone can complete it. But if the creation is still created, if it is interesting to others, it will still need to be published. At the same time, the fee for a work can be very insignificant, only a few writers in Russia can survive on the money received from the publication of the work.

How much do writers earn
How much do writers earn

The modern market is overflowing with new authors, dozens of new works are sent to large publishers every day, but most of them are refused publication. Fiction is in less and less demand, only specialized editions are still of interest to buyers. Opportunities to get a book for free from the Internet make sales unprofitable and unprofitable.

Average fee

The author usually offers the first work to several publishers. If someone takes up the publication, a contract is concluded, which indicates the amount of the fee. Usually, the writer is promised up to 20% of the cost of the book, but at the initial stage even 6-10% is a great option. The selling price of a publishing house is usually 30% of the price on the counter, and it is from this price that you should calculate. New authors are usually printed in small print runs to see the demand for the work. Up to 3 thousand copies are produced by large publishing houses.

The author's royalty can be calculated effortlessly. The average selling price of a paperback book in 2014 is 60 rubles. If 3 thousand copies are printed, and the author receives 5%, then he will put 9,000 rubles in his pocket. If he is lucky, and the royalty is 10%, then his amount will grow to 18,000 rubles.

Reprints of books

If the book is popular, if the demand for it is growing, then the likelihood of a second edition is high. In this case, the contributions to the author are reduced, the percentage usually varies from 3 to 15%, but you do not need to write something, the text is only re-sent to store shelves.

If the contract is drawn up correctly, then in a few years the books can be published in another publishing house, and then you can bargain, knocking out the best conditions. Usually, the price rises along with fame, if the author has earned the trust of buyers, a circle of fans has formed, then his fees can become more significant. But most writers do not make money from books, but from writing articles, reviews and other work. A book is an opportunity to declare yourself, not to get rich.

A rare chance

Today in Russia there are about 20 authors, whose income from writing books is very significant. Their names are known to many, it is their recognition that allows them to be at the top of the ratings of modern authors. For example, Daria Dontsova receives about 7 million rubles for each new book, as well as the amount from the reprint. Boris Akunin receives a little over a million rubles for a new work, and Alexandra Marinina is counting on 800 thousand.

J.K. Rowling was named the most expensive writer on the planet in 2014. Her annual income from reprinting and publishing books is more than $ 300 million. Huge circulation and publication in different countries of the world allows her to receive at least $ 500 every minute. But no author has such fees yet in Russia.

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