Why Nanotechnology Is Dangerous

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Why Nanotechnology Is Dangerous
Why Nanotechnology Is Dangerous

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Video: Nanotechnology: what we can’t see is destroying our world | Katie Lu | [email protected] 2022, December

For many years, the most economically developed countries in the world have been developing technologies based on the use of microscopic particles - atoms. These technologies not only benefit progressive humanity, but also pose a great danger to all life on the planet.


The development of nanotechnology is developing at a rapid pace and the trend is such that in the very near future they will enter the daily life of a person and become its integral part. Applied sciences, medicine, the military industry - all these familiar concepts will gradually acquire a completely different meaning with the development of nanotechnology.

What awaits humanity in a world in which the prefix "nano" will have to be added to the names of the most ordinary things? What is the danger of using nanomaterials in many areas of human activity?

The global danger of microscopic proportions

Nanomaterials visible only under a super-powerful microscope pose a danger to all living things. These microscopic objects are extremely chemically active, as a result of which they can be highly toxic.

In addition, nano-matter is capable of penetrating the cells of living organisms and disrupting their structure. As the results of recent laboratory experiments have shown, contact of a living creature with nanoparticles in 100% of cases is fatal for it.

The latest weapon of terrorism

The world community needs to make every effort to exclude the possibility of using the latest developments in the field of nanotechnology by terrorist organizations. It is scary to even imagine how global the damage will be for all of humanity if terrorists gain access to the latest chemical or biological weapons.

Nanotechnology can cause the excruciating death of millions of people. With their help, a device can be created that can infect all people without exception with some deadly toxin, for example, botulism. This nano-device can be so tiny that fifty billion of its units can easily fit in an ordinary, small suitcase.

Deadly developments

Scientists all over the world are studying the possibilities of using nanotechnology in the military sphere, but the most effective development of various types of weapons is carried out in the United States. For example, recently American scientists have created an explosive "nanothermite", which is capable of destroying living organisms, acting on them at the cellular level. In an explosion, "nanothermite" can hit all living things within a radius of many kilometers, forming blast waves moving at a speed of 1500-2300 meters per second.

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