What Kind Of Gem Does Gemini Need?

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What Kind Of Gem Does Gemini Need?
What Kind Of Gem Does Gemini Need?

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A changeable and not getting along with itself zodiac sign, which is Gemini, any gem is suitable. Only jade, similar to beryl, is contraindicated for them - it is important not to confuse them.

Gemini symbol on agate cut
Gemini symbol on agate cut


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In order to attract good luck in their lives, those born in the zodiac house of Gemini should wear jewelry with agate, chrysoprase or beryl. Agate, a semi-precious common stone, is very different in color, and not only black, as is commonly thought. Anyone of the Gemini sign can choose the color of the stone. Agate is a symbol of longevity, and the classic black agate has great magical powers. Agate talismans are recommended for children from an early age; it is believed that this stone scares away evil spirits and helps the child start walking earlier. It is widely believed that agate can protect its owner from radiation.

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The chrysoprase talisman will help those of the Gemini who suffer from poor health: they often suffer from toothache, cough, sore throat. Chrysoprase is also widely considered an excellent talisman for curing eye ailments and improving vision. This mineral has the ability to improve metabolism. This stone will bring health and good luck to Gemini if ​​it is set in gold. In this form, it can protect its owner from the evil eye, help to cope with nervous overload. Chrysoprase gives twins a clear mind and intelligence on the verge of clairvoyance, helps with insomnia and nightmares. It is a stone of innovators, inventors, influencing the heart chakra.

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An adornment with blue beryl will bring success to Gemini in love, having such a talisman, a person will always be loved and needed by someone. Beryl helps Gemini to strengthen their feelings, which in this zodiac sign often fluctuate from one extreme to another. The variety of shades that beryls have in nature is surprising. The shade of the stone depends on the impurities it contains and can be blue or red, green and purple. This is a good talisman for the successful outcome of a long trip, when organizing a completely new business or for an exam. In the east, beryl had the fame of a stone that keeps peace of mind in any situation. It was also believed that this stone helps to preserve family values. Beryl can help win a case in court, protects the owner's financial situation, which is important for windy Gemini. Often the properties of beryl are associated with mental abilities and are credited with the ability to give its owner the victory in any dispute.

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