How To Make A Blackboard

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How To Make A Blackboard
How To Make A Blackboard
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The blackboard is a familiar attribute of the school office. But in our time, designers are able to introduce this item into the home environment. Moreover, it is not necessary to buy it, you can do it yourself and fit it into the interior so that it emphasizes and complements the style of the room. Such a board will come in handy in a house where there are schoolchildren or small children, but it will not be superfluous for adults either: you can write messages on it to relatives, make reminders or just draw.

How to make a blackboard
How to make a blackboard

It is necessary

  • base made of fiberboard, chipboard or plywood;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • masking tape;
  • black paint;
  • sandpaper.


Step 1

Find a base for your chalkboard. This should be a fairly large and level surface. Fiberboard, chipboard or plywood works great, but other flat materials can be used. Saw out a rectangle of the desired size. And if you have any old unnecessary wall from a closet or other furniture, you can use it entirely.

Step 2

Mark the board. Proceed according to the saying "Measure seven times, cut once." It is necessary to divide the board into a main part and a frame. Using a pencil and a ruler, draw a rectangle in the center, leaving a box of a certain width around it. Apply masking tape around the edges so that the fields are visible after painting.

Step 3

Paint the board. Nitroenamel is well suited, it has a rich color, dries quickly. You can use other water-based paints, the main thing is that they are safe for health and of high quality. Choose black or brown for the best crayons. It is not very convenient to paint with chalk on a smooth painted surface, so go over the board with sandpaper when the paint is dry

Step 4

Make a crayon shelf out of a baseboard or plastic corner. After renovation, materials often remain that can be used for this purpose. Look for something similar or buy from a store.

Step 5

Attach the board in the desired location. If you made it for a child, hang it up so that it is comfortable for him to write. A bolder solution to making a chalkboard is to use furniture surfaces or walls in the house for it. for example, paint the wall of a closet, door, refrigerator, or kitchen unit. This will add extravagance to the interior and make it unusual.

Step 6

To preserve the finished board for a long time, take proper care of it: wash it regularly, wipe it with a rag or sponge with cold water. Rinse off the detergents well if children use the board.

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