What Paints Are Harmless For Tattooing

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What Paints Are Harmless For Tattooing
What Paints Are Harmless For Tattooing

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Tattoos today do not go out of fashion, but are becoming an increasingly widespread trend, which is carried away by both young people from different subcultures and quite adult successful people. However, they all want to protect themselves from various negative consequences, so they are interested in the composition of the paint with which the tattoo is made.

What paints are harmless for tattooing
What paints are harmless for tattooing

Harmless tattoo paints

With the development of the chemical industry, the quality of tattoo ink pigments has increased significantly - the dyes undergo a very thorough oxygen treatment, which provides them with a high degree of purity. As a result, a freshly done tattoo heals quickly and does not become inflamed. The most harmless and modern ink for tattooing is a dye made from microgranules of surgical plastic, which has maximum durability, saturation and brightness.

The only drawback of harmless paint made from microgranules is its rather high cost.

The tattoo ink contains a pigment and a thinner, which can be either composite or separate. Its purpose is to evenly distribute the pigment in the layers of the skin. The most popular and harmless thinners are glycerin, listerine, propylene glycol, purified water, or ethyl alcohol. Of the safe pigments, mineral and organic pigments are most often used, which are characterized by stability, hypoallergenicity, high saturation and color stability. In addition, inks with such pigments do not come into contact with lymphatic and fat cells, so that the pigment does not migrate to the skin around the tattoo.

Harmless paints for temporary tattoos

For temporary tattoos, the most harmless is henna of natural shades, to which no extraneous chemical dyes are added. A cinchona tattoo will last on the skin for about two weeks, but when using special color fixers, it will last for several months. The application of such a tattoo is absolutely safe, since the harmless paint is applied not under the skin, but directly on its surface.

Henna for temporary tattoos can be mixed on your own or you can buy a ready-made paint based on it in the store.

Another option for harmless paint is an absolutely non-toxic dye for airbrushing, which is applied to the skin from a special pistol through a stencil and creates the appearance of a real tattoo. Remember that before choosing a paint, you need to make sure that the supplier sells quality and certified products without the addition of various chemicals that can manifest themselves in many years in unexpected ways.

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