What Should Be The Signature Of A Person

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What Should Be The Signature Of A Person
What Should Be The Signature Of A Person

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A signature can tell a lot about a person. The signature of a successful person is distinguished by a certain slope, beautiful strokes, and straight lines. How to subscribe, everyone decides for himself.

What should be the signature of a person
What should be the signature of a person

Signature is an indispensable attribute of a self-confident and successful person. According to scientists, the signature is just a conditioned reflex, developed over time by the movement of our hands. But the sages say that the signature reflects human qualities and character.

What should be the signature? Do I need to adhere to the framework of my first and last name, or can I just put a cross? It turns out you can.

Are there rules

There are no established rules. A signature is a special individual type of a manuscript that reflects the surname in conventional written characters and certifies the identity of the signer. The main and only requirement is that the signature must not change, it must be identical to the sample in the passport. Therefore, official papers can be signed with a cross. Provided that such a signature is in the required column in the passport. It is important to remember that the simpler your signature, the easier it is to forge it. The passport office usually recommends using the first letters of the initials with strokes in the signature.

Successful person's signature

Naturally, an original autograph can impress others. This is especially true in business. A win-win signature has certain characteristics.

The signature should be inclined forward and to the right, which guarantees reliability in the future, indicates that the person has a strategy in his business. Those who put their signature evenly and without inclination are highly concentrated and fixated on one thing. They do not see their future and do not know what to do in the present. Leaning back speaks of people who are stuck in their past and today do not accept change.

Signatures must begin and end with an upward stroke. If your signature does not meet these conditions, then you need to automate your signature at least for the final upper stroke of the pen. It is a symbol of good luck and success, which is especially important in business and in leadership positions. If you analyze the signatures of famous and famous people, you will notice that the signature comes out from under their pen rapidly, rushing up, and the letters are clear, with an average level of pressure. This is one of the 100% guarantee of success, experts say.

Remember, your signature is your face and your personality. If you still do not know how to subscribe beautifully, then it is never too late to learn.

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