What Is The Deductive Method

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What Is The Deductive Method
What Is The Deductive Method

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The deductive method of thinking is an inference leading from the general to the particular. Deduction is the complete opposite of the inductive method of thinking. Only when people use the accumulated experience and knowledge, and also form a general picture in their minds, can we talk about their ability to put forward certain thoughts, theses, assumptions.

What is the deductive method
What is the deductive method


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Speaking in the language of formal logic, deduction is the process of deriving consequences. The deductive method of thinking is based on reasoning and constant analysis. Scientists, psychologists and logicians argue that deductive thinking has a direct impact on the level of a person's intelligence. The deduction method helps people to calculate all possible options for solving certain problems one step ahead. The simplest example of using the deductive method of thinking: “First premise: all living things are mortal. The second premise: man is a living organism. Inference: man is mortal."

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Deduction is used in their daily work by scientists, writers, and criminologists and investigators. For example, forensic scientists and police officers use the deductive method in the following way: they collect information from the scene, search for and interrogate bystanders and sometimes suspects. Then forensic scientists put forward a certain hypothesis about what happened, which they call a version of the crime.

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It is curious that there may be several versions of what happened. In this case, criminologists need to check (in the language of police officers - to work out) all available versions. To do this, investigators conduct searches, arrange repeated interrogations, and once again inspect the crime scenes. If the working version is not confirmed, forensic experts put it aside and put forward a new one. As a result, it all comes down to one single version, which is most consistent with the already known facts and evidence collected during this time.

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By the way, deduction is not the only way of thinking by which criminologists put forward their judgments and inferences. In the work of a real detective, along with deduction, hypothetical-deductive and inductive methods are of great importance, which are parts of a single holistic process of testing the put forward versions (hypotheses). It is worth noting that even the most logical version from the point of view of the deductive method will not be direct evidence of the guilt of a potential criminal, if it is not supported by evidence, material evidence and the results of certain forensic examinations.

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Thanks to the ability to think logically and build correct conclusions, a person can in any situation find a common language in relationships with people around him. In conclusion, it should be noted that the deductive method is easy for some, while for others it is difficult, but you just have to wish how you can develop these abilities in yourself to a higher level, turning into a real master of deduction - Sherlock Holmes!

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