How To Develop Incredible Memory Abilities

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How To Develop Incredible Memory Abilities
How To Develop Incredible Memory Abilities

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The date of his birth, the names of relatives and friends, the name of the city in which he lives - all this a person remembers and will never forget. However, sometimes completely insignificant and useless things remain in the memory, for example, how the saleswoman was dressed in the store or what music was played on the bus. It has long been proven that people use only a tenth of the capabilities of their memory, but it is quite possible to learn how to manage it and remember everything that is really important to you.

How to develop incredible memory abilities
How to develop incredible memory abilities

It is necessary

  • - texts for memorization,
  • - educational games,
  • - notebook and pen.


Step 1

Start eating right. If you think that there is no connection between nutrition and improving memory, you are wrong. Whole, varied and wholesome food will have a beneficial effect on memory capacity.

Step 2

Go in for sports, because the state of memory depends on your physical health. In addition, exercise increases blood flow to the brain. Play educational games. It can be checkers, chess, crosswords, word composition. Games like these stimulate your brain and help you think faster and remember more.

Step 3

Study small texts every day. The brain must be constantly in good shape. Repeat the learned passage several times a day, at regular intervals. Surely you have often heard the phrase "repetition is the mother of learning." She perfectly confirms that this is one of the surest ways to develop memory.

Step 4

Try to memorize all the details that surround you. If you take the same route to the bus stop every day, try to spot the differences. This can be the number of passers-by, announcements, minibus numbers. This exercise will also help develop the latent capacities of your memory.

Step 5

Start keeping a personal journal. Write to it in the evening, try to write down all the events that happened during the day that you remember. The more little things you can recover in your memory, the more it will develop. In addition to events, write down everything that you see, what is especially memorable. After a while, you will be able to compare the records, and see that the further, the more voluminous they become.

Step 6

Develop memory constantly. The success of any long-term business lies precisely in its regularity and your perseverance. It is impossible to devote one evening to memory training and improve it significantly. This should become your daily ritual, only then the results will be noticeable.

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