How Ninja Trained

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How Ninja Trained
How Ninja Trained

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Ninja are Japanese warriors who appeared in the 15th century. They were part of the samurai community. Special training could endow these people with abilities on the verge of supernatural.

How ninja trained
How ninja trained


Step 1

The greatest load falls on the trainee's legs. A ninja is required to have a high speed of movement and the ability to climb various objects. To develop these qualities, ninja spent a lot of time in the forest, using everything around them for their training.

Step 2

Exercise for speed: a ten-meter strip of fabric was tied around the neck. When running, it was necessary to ensure that the fabric did not touch the ground. For this, the speed of movement had to be maximum. Or placing a straw hat on their chest, they lowered their hands as they ran. The hat stays in place only due to the wind pressure. The runner's task is to hold out for the maximum amount of time with a hat on his chest.

Step 3

The exercise of caution developed the skill of moving silently. Sheets of paper were laid out on the ground. The ninjas moved along them at a run, the purpose of the exercise was not to damage them as much as possible.

Step 4

Endurance exercise: they hung bags of stones on the body and ran to exhaustion. At the same time, the route of movement was laid through mountainous terrain. Also, ninjas practiced in various types of running: on the tips of the fingers, on one leg, on the water, running with a cross step.

Step 5

Ninja learned various jumps: long, on two legs, diagonally. Often ninja climbed the walls, to facilitate this action, they came up with a technique involving several people. One stood on the shoulders of the other and squatted when the third ran up. After the second, he straightened, which gave the body of the upper ninja double acceleration.

Step 6

To develop the ideal sense of balance, they began with walking on a thick log and ended with walking on a rope. To complicate the task on the shoulders, they could hang poles with vessels with water tied to them. Not a drop was considered a success.

Step 7

To achieve high penetrating power of fingers and palms, ninja resorted to energy concentration training. To strengthen the grip, the ninja squeezed and unclenched their fingers in the water for a long time. For the same purpose, a heavy vessel was worn by the neck with the tips of the fingers. The ninja needed very strong hands because many of their missions involved climbing. To achieve incredible strength and endurance in the shoulder girdle, ninja spent hours hanging in their arms with a heavy load on their shoulders. A good result was to sag in this way for 5-6 hours.

Step 8

From childhood, ninjas began to work on the flexibility of joints, as a result of which they could penetrate even the smallest hole. However, there is a negative side to this ability of theirs. Overly flexible joints are easier to injure.

Step 9

The ability to remain motionless indefinitely was very important. To do this, they learned to control breathing, they could even reach one breath per minute. This was facilitated by special breathing practices and meditation. To be resilient in any conditions, the ninja forced themselves to go without food for several days. They passed the days without moving, occasionally allowing themselves a sip of water. This skill could come in handy if a person was taken prisoner or in an extreme situation.

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