What Is Holofiber

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What Is Holofiber
What Is Holofiber
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Holofiber is a modern artificial material used as a filler and insulation for clothes, bedding, walls, etc. The material does not absorb odors, keeps its shape well and allows air to pass through itself.


The name of this revolutionary material of the 21st century comes from two English words: "hollow" means hollow and "fiber" - fiber. Holofiber is 100% polyester made using a special technology and used in a wide variety of industries. This technology is now registered by Rospatent as a trademark.

What is he

Holofiber has the form of a hollow fiber, each individual element of which is a kind of spiral spring. These individual units are intertwined with each other, resulting in a strong springy structure. Such a twisted and hollow hair shape, created according to the "macaroni" principle, provides the material with special properties that are not possessed by the well-known synthetic winterizer and batting. Holofiber can quickly regain its shape after crushing and maintain it for a long period of time. The elastic compressive structure of the fiber is soft, "breathable", that is, it is good for air permeability.

Where is used

Holofiber, produced in the form of balls, sheets and rolls, is used in the space and aviation industries. In construction, they fill the space inside the walls. On its basis, furniture, mattresses, shoes, clothes, blankets, pillows, toys, etc. are produced. This material is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. The latter property is of particular importance in light of the increasing cases of allergies to dust, bird down and feathers, which were previously used to fill pillows, blankets and mattresses. Mites do not start in this material, so such bedding can be considered the most hygienic. A holofiber blanket will perfectly warm you in cold weather, and in the off-season it will not let your skin sweat.

Holofiber has become an excellent replacement for synthetic winterizer due to its improved lightness and ability to retain heat. In addition, those who preferred winter clothes made of padding polyester were able to notice that it became more profitable to purchase similar clothes from holofiber. All products made from this innovative material can be washed in the washing machine and done as often as you like. Regular washing, drying, whipping and steaming will ensure a long service life of holofiber products. The material does not absorb odors, is not hygroscopic, does not spread flame and absorbs noise well. It is the best choice for people who care about themselves and their loved ones.

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