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What Is TRP
What Is TRP

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The TRP is a set of measures aimed at compulsory physical training of citizens of different age categories. This is the normative basis of physical education that existed from 1931 to 1991, which has been reintroduced since 2014 in Russia.

What is TRP
What is TRP

The essence of the TRP in the USSR

In the Soviet Union, educational institutions, sports organizations were obliged to carry out activities aimed at the patriotic education of young people and the physical development of citizens of different age categories. "Ready for work and defense" - this is how the abbreviation TRP stands. This physical education program existed from 1931 to 1991. The TRP standards were required to be passed by citizens aged 10 to 60 years.

The standards were different for different categories of the population and changed periodically. Successfully passed standards were confirmed by special badges - gold and silver. Those who fulfill the standards have been successfully awarded the honorary TRP badge for several years. The TRP system included such physical exercises as running, high jumping, long jumping, swimming, cross-country skiing, pull-ups, cyclocross and others.

The standards were passed in accordance with the age group: the first stage was called “Brave and Dexterous”, it included children 10-13 years old. The second stage - "Sports change" - adolescents 14-15 years old. The third stage for people aged 16-18 years - "Strength and courage", the fourth stage - "Physical perfection", which included men from 19 to 39 years old and women from 19 to 34 years old, and the fifth stage "Vigor and health", which included men under 60 and women under 55.

TRP today

On March 24, Russian President Putin announced the signing of a decree that revives the TRP. According to him, thanks to compulsory physical education, more than one generation of healthy people has grown up. It is assumed that the revived TRP norms will be passed in 11 age groups, starting from 6-8 years old and ending with a group over 70 years old. There is a possibility that TRP norms will be taken into account when entering higher education institutions.

Modern TRP insignia will be of three types - gold, silver and bronze. The gold badge of distinction will be received if the person who has fulfilled the standards corresponding to the silver badge has sports titles and ranks no less than a junior second.

Mandatory tests of the new TRP will include standards for speed, endurance, flexibility, strength. The complex, possibly, will include an assessment of knowledge about the history of physical culture, hygiene of physical education classes, and methods of self-study. The process should be fully completed by 2017 in all age categories.

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