How To Calculate Life Expectancy

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How To Calculate Life Expectancy
How To Calculate Life Expectancy

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A person's life expectancy depends on many factors, ranging from place of birth to dietary habits and genetic characteristics. However, the approximate number of years can be calculated using Dr. Thomas Perls's calculator.

How to calculate life expectancy
How to calculate life expectancy

It is necessary

  • - a pen;
  • - paper;
  • - calculator.


Step 1

Determine the starting point of reference. For women it is 72 years old, for men it is 60 years old. If you smoke, chew tobacco or constantly stay in a smoky room - subtract 2 years from the original figure, if you don't answer - add 2. If you eat more than two pieces of smoked bacon, sausages in dough or donuts during the week - subtract 0, 6 If the answer is negative, add 0, 6.

Step 2

Do you prefer deep fried food? If so, subtract 0, 4. No, add 0, 4. If you try to avoid fatty foods, add 2; if you cannot resist, subtract 2. If you prefer vegetables, add 1, 8. If you love meat, subtract 1, 8.

Step 3

More than 500 ml of beer, or 300 ml of wine, or 100 g of vodka a day takes 1, 2 years from you. If you do not abuse alcohol - add 0, 6. Living in an environmentally unfavorable place takes 1 year, living in a clean area - extends by 1 year.

Step 4

More than 450 grams of coffee a day takes 0, 6 years from you. If you abstain from this amount of caffeine, add 0. 6. If you follow the recommendations of doctors and take small doses of aspirin every day, add 0.8 years, if not, subtract 0.8.

Step 5

Using dental floss every day, you extend your life by 1, 2 years, neglecting it - you shorten it by 1, 2. Regular stool means that you can add 0.8 years to yourself. If you have stool less often than 1 time in 2 days - subtract 0, 8. Risky sex takes 1, 6 years from you, abstain from them - add 1, 6.

Step 6

A strong tan shortens your life by 1, 4 years. Add the same amount if you refrain from prolonged exposure to the sun. If your weight is normal - add 1, 8 years, no - subtract 1, 8. Marriage prolongs your life by 1, 8 years, loneliness - shortens your life by 1, 8.

Step 7

If you know how to effectively cope with stress - add yourself 1, 4 years, no - subtract 1, 4. Having more than one blood relative suffering from diabetes brings your death closer by 0.8 years, if your family was not affected by this disease - add 0, eight.

Step 8

If at least one of your parents died before reaching 75 years of age - subtract 2 years, if your parents are centenarians - add 2 years. More than one close blood relative who has lived to be 90 years old adds 4, 8 years to you, otherwise, subtract 4, 8.

Step 9

Do you exercise regularly? Add yourself 1, 4 years. If you prefer to be lazy - subtract 1, 4. Taking vitamin E, you prolong life by 1, 6 years, without taking - you shorten it by 1, 6.

Step 10

Calculate your score. This figure will determine your life expectancy if you do not change your habits.

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