How Michael Jackson Changed His Skin Color

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How Michael Jackson Changed His Skin Color
How Michael Jackson Changed His Skin Color

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The first place among Western stars in terms of the number of plastic surgeries, of course, is occupied by pop idol Michael Jackson. Many different rumors are generally associated with this person in show business. For example, about the numerous operations performed on his nose, or the unnaturally light skin color for an African American.

How Michael Jackson changed his skin color
How Michael Jackson changed his skin color

Versions of the townsfolk

They say that Michael was never satisfied with his natural skin color, which is why he decided on a series of complex plastic surgeries that literally made him white. However, this is rather a myth for the uninitiated. Most experts and relatives of the pop idol claim that Jackson suffered from vitiligo and lupus, autoimmune diseases, the symptoms of which are the appearance of white spots on the skin and its increased sensitivity to sunlight.

People close to Jackson always testified to the presence of whitish spots on various parts of his body, which appeared and disappeared. They identified the cause of their occurrence by the term "spontaneous depigmentation".


Michael Jackson himself explained the reason for his unnatural color back in 1993, when he talked about a certain skin disease that affected his face. He said that the disease of vitiligo began in him back in the 70s. Then a similar disease was almost known, the method of treatment was in development, and he masked its manifestation with the help of cosmetics. In his interview, he repeatedly tried to emphasize that he was not trying to become white, that this was just a form of dealing with the illness of a public person. Over time, the disease progressed, white spots on the skin increased, occupying more and more of it.

Jackson's account was confirmed by Dr. Arnold Client, according to whom Michael Jackson was indeed diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus in 1986. The cause of this disease, it is believed, lies in heredity, tk. According to information provided by the pop idol's family, Jackson's paternal relatives were ill with vitiligo. More recently, photographs of Jackson's eldest son appeared in the press, showing that he inherited vitiligo from his father.

Michael Jackson and his family have repeatedly said that the singer was proud of his African American culture, and that his skin discoloration was just the result of fighting the disease. Michael Jackson has made a huge contribution to the study of vitiligo and its treatment methods, as well as provided significant support to the Lupus Research Foundation.

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