What To Do If Dreams Do Not Dream

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What To Do If Dreams Do Not Dream
What To Do If Dreams Do Not Dream

Dreams are seen by all healthy people, even babies and the blind. But many do not remember them at all, so it seems to them that they are deprived of the pleasure of seeing vivid dreams. In order for dreams to remain in your memory, you need to follow a number of simple recommendations.

What to do if dreams do not dream
What to do if dreams do not dream


Step 1

Don't overdo it. Develop an optimal daily routine so that you can do the most important things during the day. If you literally fall off your feet from fatigue late at night, you have very little chance of remembering your night dreams.

Step 2

Before going to bed, mentally give yourself the installation that you will remember everything that you dream about at night. The first or second time you will most likely fail. But if you regularly continue to tune in to remembering dreams, sooner or later everything will work out. There are small nations and tribes whose population can not only remember dreams in the smallest detail, but also control them. Scientists' experiments prove that any person can develop such abilities. And if managing dreams is not included in your plans, then you can learn how to memorize them.

Step 3

Stay in bed for a few minutes after waking up. Don't open your eyes and think about what you have to do during the day. Dreams often continue to live in this borderline state of consciousness. Do not try with great effort to remember what you dreamed. Just catch the images that come at this moment.

Step 4

Keep a notebook and pen next to your bed. If you wake up in the middle of the night, don't try to fall asleep quickly again. Write down what you dreamed about. It's okay if you scribble and abbreviate in the dark. In the morning after reading your notes, it will be easier for you to remember the dream during which you woke up. But if you fall asleep again, it is very likely that in the morning you will not remember either a dream or the fact of your brief wakefulness in the middle of the night.

Step 5

Ask someone close to wake you up at three or four in the morning. Usually during these hours a person is in the stage of REM sleep. It is at this time that the brain does not rest, but works most actively. The brightest and most unusual dreams come precisely in REM sleep. If you are awakened abruptly at this time, it is most likely that the dream plots will remain in your memory.

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