How To Track The Path Of A Parcel

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How To Track The Path Of A Parcel
How To Track The Path Of A Parcel

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Parcels are still very popular, despite the level of technology development. It has not yet been figured out how to transfer a thing from a distance, without using mail services. It is extremely convenient to be able to track the location of your package at a specific point in time.

How to track the path of the parcel
How to track the path of the parcel

It is necessary

  • - track code;
  • - the Internet;
  • - telephone.


Step 1

Get a tracking number for your parcel. Another name for it is track code. Without this information, you will not be able to find out where your package is at the moment. The sender must provide you with this number when placing your order. If it is an online store, then go to your personal account. Most often, this information is displayed there.

Step 2

Track the movement of the parcel on the sender's website. Some companies provide the ability to find out the status of the shipment directly on their website. The information is either updated automatically in your personal account, or you need to request it yourself from time to time.

Step 3

Use a third party tracking site. At the same time, please note that some of them work on the basis of some one mail. If you do not want to look for a suitable site every time, then stop at a universal system that tracks parcels regardless of the mail service. Enter your track code in the field provided. You will see information about the location of the shipment. As a rule, this service is provided free of charge.

Step 4

Track the status of your parcel via sms. This service is offered by most sites that specialize in tracking postal transactions. Register on one of them, enter the track code and your mobile phone number. As soon as the status of your parcel changes, you will receive an SMS with an alert. This is a pretty convenient way if you don't have permanent internet access. However, in most cases, this service is paid.

Step 5

Install the application on your phone. You can find out where your package is at any time. Download the package tracking software from the Internet or from your mobile store. Some of them can be used free of charge, while others will have to be paid for.

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