How To Insert Staples Into A Stapler

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How To Insert Staples Into A Stapler
How To Insert Staples Into A Stapler

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Staplers are of various types, modifications, sizes. These devices are designed to quickly fasten various products together with metal staples. Stationery staplers staple sheets, thin cardboard. Building and furniture fixing building materials on different surfaces.

How to insert staples into a stapler
How to insert staples into a stapler


Step 1

To refill a stationery paper stapler for work, select the required size of staples at the office supply store, recommended specifically for your type of stapler.

Step 2

Open the package with metal staples, remove from it one block of staples fastened together. They crumble easily, so take them out of the box carefully.

Step 3

Open the stapler with both hands. Hold it in your left hand, with your thumb of this hand, pull the inner spring of the stapler towards you to the end. With your right hand, insert the staples, point down, into the stapler, resting one end against the spring of the device. Close the stapler.

Step 4

Check staple two sheets of paper. Thanks to this action, the paper clips inside the device, even if they were not inserted very correctly, will snap into place. Never put your fingers under the stapler, under its working area, as this unsafe action leads to injury to your hands.

Step 5

Construction or furniture staplers are loaded with staples in a slightly different way. Depending on their type, when buying such a stapler, buy in advance a box of staples for it, which the seller will recommend. The fact is that their sizes, the number in blocks for different staplers are different.

Step 6

In some types of construction staplers, a special chute with a spring moves out completely out of the device. Such a groove must be taken out of the device, taken in hand, inserted into it a row of staples with the tip down. Now push the chute into the device until it clicks. Check the installation of the staples on the materials by clicking them, for example, on the cloth 2-3 times.

Step 7

Other types of construction staplers have a retractable spring that presses the staples inside the device. You need to push it towards yourself. Insert the staples that you carefully took from the packaging into the groove with the spring. The staples are placed with the sharp ends down in any stapler device. Reinstall the spring mechanism. The device is now ready for use.

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