How Does A Parcel Post Differ From A Parcel

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How Does A Parcel Post Differ From A Parcel
How Does A Parcel Post Differ From A Parcel

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Despite the development of the global network and the ability to correspond online, postal items have not yet lost their relevance. Every year, millions of people around the world send and receive postcards, letters, parcels and parcels. If you want to please someone with a gift or transfer a certain thing to another city, the postal workers will ask you what type of shipment you want to use: a parcel post or a parcel.

How does a parcel post differ from a parcel
How does a parcel post differ from a parcel

Parcel post and parcel: definition and purpose

A parcel post is a small-sized postal item that contains so-called low-value items. Usually these are printed publications that cannot be placed in a letter: manuscripts, documents, large-sized photographs, as well as a brochure, magazine, book. Parcels can be either with a declared value or without it.

The parcel is a postal item containing larger items - items of cultural and household and other purposes. Distinguish between ordinary parcels, special value and sent by cash on delivery. Any item can be put into this type of mail, except for perishable foodstuffs, money, poisonous and narcotic substances, firearms.

Parcel post and parcel: departure rules

When sending a parcel by mail, you must remember that its minimum weight is 100 grams, and the maximum is 2 kilograms. At the same time, the cost of the content should not be higher than 10 thousand rubles.

There are certain limits on the size of parcels, which are stipulated by postage rates. So, the sum of the values ​​of thickness and width should not be more than 0.9 meters. The size of the rolls, which is calculated as the sum of its length and double diameter, should be no more than 1.04 meters. Depending on the desired urgency, the parcel can be sent either by air or by land. According to the rules of the mail, goods attachments in parcels are prohibited.

Parcels are usually accepted weighing up to 10 kilograms. However, exceptions are possible, you can send such a postal item almost 2 times heavier. The minimum dimensions of standard parcels are from 114x162 millimeters or 110x220 millimeters, the maximum dimensions are up to 2 meters. The parcel may have a special mark "Fragile", while an additional 30% will be added to the cost of delivery.

What are the differences between a parcel and a parcel?

Summarizing the above, the following main differences between a parcel and a parcel can be distinguished:

- a parcel - a fairly large postal package, a small parcel post;

- by parcel, you can send almost any items, except for those prohibited for transportation, and only photographs, documents and other papers that are not included in the letter are sent by parcel post;

- the weight of the parcel should not be more than 2 kilograms, while the weight of the parcel may exceed the mark of 10 kilograms.

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