How To Check A Parcel By Barcode

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How To Check A Parcel By Barcode
How To Check A Parcel By Barcode
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Those times when people, sending a parcel or a parcel post through the mail, were tormented by doubts about the success of reaching the addressee, have sunk into the past, because now their entire path can be recognized by a barcode that is unique for each postal item.

Such a table will appear if the number is entered correctly
Such a table will appear if the number is entered correctly

How to track the movement of a parcel

A person who comes to the post office for the purpose of sending a parcel, parcel post or registered letter receives a check from the telecom operator with their data: addressee, weight and declared value. In addition, it also has a barcode identifier located at the very top, right below the attributes of the post office. In addition to Russia itself, the identifier helps to track the route of international parcels. The domestic Russian barcode has 14 digits, which are defining, the international ones look like an alphanumeric combination.

The check is carried out on the official website of the Russian Post in the tab It can be accessed directly from the main page of the Internet resource by finding in the column "Services" located on the left, the module "Tracking mailings" and clicking the word "More", which is a link to the desired page.

Below the text describing the procedure, there are two rectangular blocks, in the first of which you need to type a postal identifier according to the pattern shown here, and in the second - a captcha, that is, several numbers confirming that the user is a real person. With every refresh of the page, it changes. After that, you should click on the small gray button "Find" and after a couple of seconds get the result. If a red inscription appears that the information was not found, then either the parcel has not yet started its movement and it is worth waiting for a couple of days, or the number is entered incorrectly.

Results table

If successful, the addressee will receive a picture in the form of a gray table, which will indicate all transactions occurring with the mail, the dates of the processing points. They appear immediately after the sorter scans the barcode attached to the parcel. Unfortunately, the work of the postal service is not perfect, and some points are missing. However, a large number of them still allows you to roughly represent the location of your property.

The sender is also interested in timely delivery, especially if the item sent by him is payable, so it is in his interest to check whether the parcel has arrived and whether the addressee hastened to accept it. The last line "Delivery" in the table appears only when he took it, then below there is information about sending and receiving cash on delivery.

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