How To Deliver A Letter

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How To Deliver A Letter
How To Deliver A Letter
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When it is required to send official documents to the addressee: a statement, a claim, a copy of a statement of claim and others, the correspondence is not just important, but legally significant. In order for the delivery to take place from the point of view of the law, a certain procedure must be followed.

How to deliver a letter
How to deliver a letter


Step 1

Prepare the document to be sent to the recipient in duplicate. One of them must stay with you.

Step 2

If possible, deliver the document in person. Handing over to the recipient directly or to his authorized representative. The powers of a representative can be certified by a power of attorney or follow from the law. It is safer to hand over correspondence addressed to a private person against receipt. If you transfer documents to a legal entity, do it through the secretariat or office. When the recipient is an official, you can use either of these options.

Step 3

In case of personal delivery, be sure to ensure that your copy contains a receipt from the person who received the correspondence. The person to whom you are giving the document must write the word "received", his last name and initials, as well as the current date and, of course, leave a signature. If he is an employee of the organization, an indication of his position should also be made.

Step 4

When necessary, forward correspondence to the recipient through a courier or intermediary, not forgetting to instruct them on who and how to deliver it.

Step 5

If you are unable to deliver the correspondence in person, or the recipient refuses to accept it, use the mail services. It should be sent by registered mail with a notification and a list of attachments. In some cases, this is the only option in which the court or other authorized body recognizes the service as valid. In confirmation of the fact that the addressee has received the letter, a document will be returned to you - a mail notification. An inventory of the attachment is needed in order to have proof of sending by mail not an empty letter or an extraneous document, namely the one that needs to be served.

Step 6

After the notification is returned to you, attach it and the list of attachments to the remaining copy of the document. Store until no longer necessary.

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