How To Check If A Package Has Arrived

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How To Check If A Package Has Arrived
How To Check If A Package Has Arrived
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Ordering goods via the Internet or sending a parcel to any addressee involves the use of postal services. In the post office, you can send and receive registered letters, parcels, as well as international parcels.

How to check if the package has arrived
How to check if the package has arrived


Step 1

To check if your package has arrived, try contacting the sender of your order. If you are waiting for a package from relatives or friends, call them and specify the approximate delivery time for the package. If you bought an item from an online store, contact the delivery department by email or phone. Give your order number and find out if it is ready.

Step 2

When receiving international parcels, please contact the seller of the goods first. Online auctions such as eBay have their own messaging system. In addition, you can always see the status of your shipment (whether the seller sent the item or not). When ordering a product, always check if you have entered the correct delivery address.

Step 3

If your postal item involves a tracking service (tracking items), try to track the parcel via the Internet. Since each parcel has its own unique code (identifier), you need to enter it on one of the sites on the Internet that have information about the status of the shipment. The status of the parcel usually indicates the country and the place in which it is at the current time or was earlier.

Step 4

As soon as the parcel is at your post office (at the address that you indicated), you must be sent a notice by mail. The notice number is usually the same as the post office number on your parcel. The notice must indicate the weight of the parcel, the type of this postal item (small package, parcel, EMS, etc.), the date of arrival of the parcel at your post office. Be careful, you may be charged an additional fee for storing the parcel at the post office for more than the specified period (usually 5 days).

Step 5

Fill out the back of your mailing slip. Write your passport details, registration address. If you receive a parcel for a member of your family who lives with you at the same address, make sure you have a power of attorney, which gives you the right to receive mail for him. Contact the parcel delivery department of your post office with a notice and passport and receive the parcel.

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